Karl Mayer Introduced PRODYE-R Evolution in indigo rope dyeing



Reduced number of vats

The design of the dyeing vat (type DV) allows you to attain a darker indigo shade with only nine boxes (max). Due to the shorter dye section, the total volume of the dye bath is drastically reduced.

Less chemicals

The indigo circulation system with high flow rate and low speed combined with the closed design of dyeing vats allow savings of up to 20% of hydro and caustic soda.

High rebeaming efficiency

Around 15 to 20% higher output in rebeaming – thanks to perfect tension control during the entire process and the programmable coiler.

Technical data

Bright colour shade

The indigo dyestuff has an extremely solid physical bond achieved by a better exchange rate – thanks to the 11.2 m dwelling in the indigo vat and fluted rollers in the sky oxidation.

Homogeneous build-up of ropes

Perfect tension control by a combination of load cells and dancing rollers during the entire process.

Final dryer with single-motor drive system to keep the correct elasticity of the yarn.

Coiler with linear bars offers the highest degree of flexibility and ensures a uniform storage of the ropes in the cans.

Excellent washing results

Saving water with special cascade design in ECO wash and the fluted rollers dropping effect.

Karl Mayer can supply best quality Rope Range including Ball Warper, Rope Dye, LCB and Sizing as complete range. In Bangladesh it is represented by Cott-tex Associates. For any query mail: khalid@cott-tex.com or call +88 01912 000428.

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