Morrison Textile Machinery Co. revolutionizes with innovation in Indigo Rope Dyeing, Flexible Immersion System, Peak Washer


Since its founding nearly sixty years ago, Morrison Textile Machinery has been at the forefront of design of textile dyeing and finishing machinery for fabric producers worldwide. In process of continuous development Morrison presents updated Indigo Dye Range, Flexible Immersion System (FIS), Peak Washer.

Indigo Dye Range

At Morrison, we are best known for the legendary durability of our equipment.It is our critical thinking that makes it all possible. Given the opportunity to work with you from the project’s inception, we’re able to leverage our 50 years of denim experience. The end result is an Indigo Rope Dye Range configuration

Specifically designed to meet your unique needs.

Features and Options

  • In-line creels, single or double deck with optional overhead hoist.
  • Draw nip to pull the ropes from the creel and control the entry tension to the range.
  • Caustic box with heating capacity up to 90° C.
  • Filter/circulation systems available on any wash or dye box as required.
  • Our new C-15 nips are used throughout the range which provide increased transfer and efficiency across the entire nip surface.
  • Patented Peak wash boxes in both entry and exit wash sections, save 40%-50% in water along with increases in rebeaming efficiencies up to 8%.
  • Intermediate drying section for running “dry on wet” styling.
  • Combination 2 in 1 wash/dye boxes which add the flexibility of washing or dyeing in the same box. The 2-compartment tank offers a large section for washing or dyeing with high volumes and a small section to reduce dye chemical usage when running reactive or vat dyes.
  • Our Spectrum™ dye boxes with proven performance can be arranged with heating coils and jackets for wash/dye applications. FIS offers adjustable dwell lengths to increase flexibility and reduce start-up time for short set lengths.
  • Entry and exit wash sections can include components for sulfur, reactive and vat dyeing with “wet on wet” or “dry on wet” configurations.
  • Final drying section with moisture monitoring.
  • Coiler section mechanically linked with dribble feed arrangement.
  • When fashion or fine count yarns are desired, we have a host of features to meet the most demanding requirements.

Flexible Immersion System (F.I.S):

Flexible Immersion System (F.I.S) first introduced to overwhelmingly positive reviews during the 2019 ITMA show and now running for over 9 months has proven significant benefits to the indigo dye process. Offering a third variable for dyers-who can now adjust the dwell time and dye levels in any individual dye box in the range, the creation of new styles becomes nearly infinite. F.I.S is completely automatic and can make discrete immersion time reductions up 50% on the fly. Benefits include:

  • Fast sample run time with less down time
  • The ability to run very light shades – impossible in a conventional rope
  • Both sheet dye and rope dye styles can be run on the rope range offering marketing and line scheduling flexibility
  • “Sheet styles” share benefits of rope processing: costs are reduced, waste is reduced and worries about side-center-side shade variations are eliminated.
  • Create custom styles which cannot be matched on conventional rope ranges
  • Retro-fittable to most Morrison Rope Ranges

Peak Washer:

The patented Peak Washer II is another innovation which has become a standard feature on all new Morrison ranges, regularly demonstrating 40%-50% reduction in total water consumption as well as improved rebeaming efficiencies up to 8%. The unique Water-Through-Web liquor exchanges offer a gentler yarn handling when compared to conventional washers, so important to today’s fine yarn styles. Peak washers can be easily retrofit to your existing Morrison range-at a low cost, as existing washer nips are conserved.

The pandemic has impacted the entire world and disrupted everyone’s life both at home and at work. Morrison is no exception but because of our rural location in South Carolina and being designated an essential business we have been able to keep working. Our engineers have taken this opportunity to review and refine just about every piece of equipment we manufacture. Below are some highlights of this work all of which can be retrofit to update your existing systems:

  • The drive and control systems for all our equipment has been completely redesigned. The HMI has completely updated user-friendly graphics, mobile connectivity, and Industry 4.0 features. The hardware has been updated and reconfigured to offer report capabilities and easy component replacement if something fails.
  • The MDS-BW 450 Ball Warper– creel is redesigned to run finer yarns better by reducing contact points and the overall length. Our unique servo-driven traverse assembly has been refined to reduce maintenance even further below industry norms.
  • Spectrum 250 Indigo dye range has been updated with features to change sets faster with its new mix/feed configuration. Specific refinements to run lighter tensions facilitate running finer yarns never before possible in a rope range.
  • The MDS-RB550 rebeamer tension control system now has a closed loop for improved consistency and increased efficiency.

For more information on what is new at Morrison, contact Bangladesh local representative Mr. Mazharul Ahmed Rumon, CEO, NAZ CORPORATION,

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