Whatever Your Jeans Pocket Tells You!


The way jeans pants have become a part & parcel of our life, pockets have also become a part & parcel of jeans pants. Based on pockets, jeans pants can be divided into 2 categories – “4 Pocket Jeans” (3 Front Pockets & 1 Back Pocket) and “5 Pockets Jeans” (3 Front Pockets & 2 Back Pockets). Though there are also some NO Pocket Jeans, most people prefer them with pockets. There are various types of jeans pockets, today we will know about them.

Curved Inset Pocket:  This is the most commonly seen jeans pocket. Starting from the waist, it goes diagonally down to the sides, on the frontal side of jeans pants. It is also known as Slash Pocket or Cross Pocket. The slash pockets of jeans are shaped differently from the Slash Pockets of Trousers, as the Slash Pockets of Trousers are more slanting than The Slash Pockets of Jeans.

Patch Pocket: The pocket which is applied onto the outside of jeans pants is called Patch Pocket. It can be of various shapes, such as round, square, rectangular, even triangular. These pockets may feature flap with button or fastening flap-closure. Patch Pockets can be attached, on the frontal side, back-side, even also at the side of the jeans pants.

Slit Pocket: The pocket which is made by cutting an opening in jeans pants & stitching the pocket bag to the inner part of the pants, in such a way that only the opening can be visible, is called Slit Pocket. This is one of the most regular pockets for jeans or any lower wear and is exactly the opposite of patch pockets. Sometimes, a thin border of fabric or “welts” is used at the opening to reinforce the pocket opening & also to add decorative interest to the pockets. They are mostly located on the back-side of jeans pants and are also known as Besom Pocket. This pocket may feature flap with button or without button.

Pork Chop Pocket: This is a type of oversized pocket in jeans for allowing roomy storage. They are rectangular with a diagonal opening. Due to their pork chop-like shape, they are called after this name. They are usually used on the frontal side of jeans pants.

Coin Pocket:  This is the most mysterious & unique pocket in jeans pants. It is a small pocket, half-tucked into the left front pocket of jeans, and usually comes with metal rivets reinforced opening. It is used to keep coins, pocket clock, tickets, match, sometimes also to provide rest to the thumb during snaps. This pocket is mostly misunderstood as the 5th pocket of jeans pants, though the left-back pocket of jeans was added the last.