Denim is Undisputed in Fashion


Md. Imran Hossain

Denim will always be top on the list of fashion lover’s choices. During the California Gold Rush (since the 17th century) the popularity and demand for denim has only increased. The appearance of denim in fashion dates back to the 50’s of the last century, just as the advent of leather jackets. Since then, denim has become a ‘Tenured Trend’. There was a time when everyone thought denim meant jeans. But now we know, jeans are pants which are made from denim fabric i.e., all jeans are denim, but all denims are not jeans. Now denim is used to make not only jeans, but also a variety of stylish clothes. Denim went beyond those jeans long ago. After jackets and shirts, skirt, jumpsuits, tops and even kurtas are now made of denim. In our country, we are seen wearing denim only in winter. But there are some denim fabrics that are very light and thinner than ordinary denim. So, you can do styling all year round with this fabric if you want. So, we can see about this year’s denim trend and some of its styling ideas.


Once, jeans were called a symbol of youth. But now it is not only for young people, but also for middle-aged and old people. Jeans have evolved a lot in 200 years. The world has seen different types of jeans since the 50’s. The trend has changed over the years. In the 90’s came loose Baggy jeans for boys and there were many days. Then comes Straight-cut denim pants. And skinny jeans appeared in the year of 2000, gradually that is gone too. But now, Loose, Distressed and Slim Boot-cut jeans are becoming more popular in 2021. In the last 3-4 years, the fashion of jeans for girls has changed a lot. The ladies tight & skinny jeans are no longer seen. The time is now for loose jeans. Baggy, Straight-cut, Boot-cut leg & light washes jeans are very popular and can be worn with T-shirt, Shirt, Medium or Long Tops. With that came High-waist, Distressed and Faded style again. The idea is that denim pants of this style will last for many years. Because, these are more comfortable to wear and suitable for all body shapes. In terms of color, Indigo Blue, Light Blue as well as Gray and Faded Black are seen more.

Denim Shirts

Denim shirts are the choice of both male & female. Half or long sleeve shirt can be worn in the summer, unless the fabric is light weighted. The color of denim shirt is usually blue. You can wear the same shade or 1-2 steps with dark or light shade jeans. Denim western shirt, Stripe chambray shirt, Retro denim shirt are becoming more popular as well as dry denim shirt.

However, the classic denim shirt is a one of the timeless pieces that comes in every season. Denim outfit on denim goes great all the time. Apart from this, shirt will also look good with pants or skirts or leggings of other fabrics of different colors.

Denim Tops

Denim tops are also very popular in the current fashion, because it is the quite diverse. It comes in different types of color or print like light blue, indigo denim, printed or embroidered, light wash denim etc. There are a lot of styling opportunities with tops of denim fabric. Now sleeveless, long sleeve, half sleeve, puffy sleeve, cold shoulder etc. design tops can be worn with different colored jeans, skirts and normal pants. If you want to bring a bold statement, you can wear denim tops with printed Palazzo, Harem or Dhoti pants. If you want a denim crop top, you can also wear it as a Saree-Blouse.

Denim Skirts

Long, midi, mini, pencil, loose, asymmetrical and staple/button denim skirts of all sizes are available. Midi denim skirts are about the skirts that end between the knees and the ankles. Staple and button denim skirts made with buttons or staples in the front, the button accessories set the tone in skirt, you can wear a simple color t-shirt with this skirt. Mini denim skirts are the major trend of denim which can be included in sexy casual outfits. Denim pencil skirt is an ideal skirt for office day. But you can make a fashionable outfit if you wear a plain t-shirt or a blouse or a colorful blazer with this skirt. These skirts are not perfectly plain, some skirts have embroidery of various designs, prints, beads and also have patch work.  You can wear tops, shirts, t-shirts of different designs with denim skirt.

Denim Kurta & Denim Kurti

Usually there are no difference between kurta and kurti except its length. Denim kurta are normally long like knee or ancle length and the measurement of kurti are little shorter than kurta, is usually waist or hip length.  Denim kurta are available in our country, but kurti is not used much. Kurta is quite good as casual wear. It’s a loose and collarless long shirt type, which worn in many regions of South Asia and now also worn around the world. There are various styles of denim kurta like Tail-cut kurta, Anarkali kurta, Flared kurta, Indo-western kurta, Long-straight kurta etc. Denim kurta can be worn effortlessly with leggings or pants or palazzo for a stylish look.

The cool looking colors of leggings or pants with blue denim kurta are the white and red. You can add any color or printed scarf or veil of your choice.

Denim Jumpsuits

Jumpsuit is a one-piece complete garment consisting of shirt or blouse with attached shorts or trousers. Usually, light weight denim fabric is suitable for this outfit. Jumpsuits have gradually evolved into clothing that includes women of all ages, classes and all body shapes. It’s very comfortable and it is very popular outfit in the summer. Jumpsuits can be worn at various events, sports or even fun dinner with friends. This dress does not require much styling, you can wear it with sneakers or high heels and with a backpacks or purse, jumpsuit can fit cool in styling. There are various types of jumpsuit outfit like Vintage Denim Jumpsuit, Long-sleeve Jumpsuit, Sleeveless Jumpsuit, Short Jumpsuit, Cape Jumpsuit, Culotte Jumpsuit, Wide-leg Jumpsuit, Slim Cropped Jumpsuit etc.

Denim Jacket

In winter, you will not find anyone who would dislike a denim jacket. But now, not only to survive the winter, denim jackets are now a fashion trend throughout the year. Although there are different types of jackets, at present Deep Blue Jacket, Trucker, Pearl Studded Jacket, Printed & Embroidered Jacket, Distressed Long Sleeve Jacket and White Jacket are most popular. Denim jackets are one of the favourite out-fits for both men & women.

Denim Accessories

Denim has a strong place in the world of accessories, not just clothing. The most common of these are denim shoes and bags. These accessories of various designs are now very popular. Denim bags and shoes are not only stylish but also durable. There are also several more accessories like Denim Hair Bands, Purse, Denim Hat, Denim Jewelry etc. Classic denim fits perfectly in all places, all seasons, all environments and all arrangements. So, choose denim with your eyes closed in a complicated situation where you can’t decide what to wear. Because in fashion, denim is always a good idea.


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