Hufvudstaden welcomes BLK DNM to Bibliotekstan


At the beginning of October, BLK DNM will open a new store at Smålandsgatan 20 in Bibliotekstan. The store has a floor area of 140sqm and will stock BLK DNM’s full range of denim  and leather products for men and women.

BLK DNM was founded by Johan Lindeberg in downtown New York in 2011, since when it has spread rapidly around the world. The brand has a strong cultural identity based on the values of equality, freedom, politics and art, often expressed through Lindeberg’s own photography. The focus is on denim and every garment or product has a specific number: Leatherjacket 5, Jeans 17, Perfume 21, to highlight how the brand works outside conventional thinking about clothing collections.

BLK DNM’s latest venture contributes to the further development of Bibliotekstan into Scandinavia’s leading meeting place for retail, fashion, and culinary experiences.

“- We’re delighted that BLK DNM has chosen a Hufvudstaden premises for its new store. BLK DNM’s new venture complements the existing offering well and strengthens Bibliotekstan as a vibrant meeting place at the heart of the city,” says Emanuel Westin, Head of Business Development, Retail, Hufvudstaden.

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