“With the increasing amount of call for innovative fashion & sustainable jeans from world renowned retailers, Bangladesh has enormous opportunity to increase their share globally.”- Rehnuma Chowdhury, Managing Director of Fifth Alliance Global Trading Ltd.


One of the young & visionary women entrepreneurs Rehnuma Chowdhury. She has worked with many international brands. She always took the new challenges with new ideas. Now She is Managing Director of Fifth Alliance Global Trading Ltd.

Recently she shared her dreams and passion with Denim Focus. “Fifth Alliance Global Trading Ltd. came into existence in 2017 with a vision of becoming a global vendor to top fashion retailers in the world. We boast about our strong design and sales infrastructure across continents, vast manufacturing base across Bangladesh, Indonesia and Vietnam, raw material sourcing offices out of Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China. We are fully committed to quality, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and ethical work practices all the time. We believe strongly in design and create the in-house collection to present customer’s new developments in design and technology. We provide our customers specialized support for SUSTAINABLE WEAR with our high-end collection. We do store checks in fashion capitals around the world. We seek manufacturing partners with great care, sometimes newcomers with whom we can build.”- Rehnuma Chowdhury.

Denim Focus: How do you see the denim industry of Bangladesh?

Rehnuma Chowdhury: Today Bangladesh ranked as the second-largest denim garments producer and exporter after China. Bangladesh is exporting denim products approximately 200 million pieces per year. According to BTMA, Bangladesh has around 35 to 50 denim fabrics manufacturing mills, the denim fabrics produced in local mills are feeding the national demand by 40% and for the rest of the amount Bangladesh still depending on China, India & Pakistan. The future of denim in the fashion industry is bright. So, to meet the local and international demand for denim fabrics, mills are now investing at a bigger scale. However, until now the share of Bangladesh in the global denim market is very low at $3 billion in a year and with the increasing amount of call for innovative fashion & sustainable jeans from world-renowned retailers, the country has enormous opportunity to increase their share globally.

Denim Focus: How does your company support this industry?

Rehnuma Chowdhury:  With the belief of doing something innovative, our company always emphasizes researching & developing new wash ranges of Denim. Which not only substantially growing our denim orders but also remarkably touching the Countries RMG revenue. Being a Denim person from the beginning of my career I have always endured the opportunity to work with some of the famous world-class denim Designers from Japan and Thailand. Now I’m putting the hands-on experience into some of the new wash innovations which are creating a milestone to bring more business to this industry.

Denim Focus: Any message for Denim Focus magazine as it is the 1st international English magazine from Bangladesh for Denim & Jeans industry.

Rehnuma Chowdhury: I would firstly like to cordially thank Denim Focus for embracing the opportunity to work on this platform. As a newbie Denim Focus may elaborately work with the trendsetters & industry experts to highlight the scopes and prospects of this four-decade industry. Also, Denim Focus should circular it to the appropriate network so that it can be the part to achieve the growth target of 7 billion dollars by 2021 in this industry.

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