“I strongly believe that Bangladesh has massive opportunities in Textile industry as well as in RMG sector to be a global leader again in 2021.”- Md. Mahbub Khan Himel, Director, Mithela Group.


Mithela Textile Industries Limited, world’s first LEED Platinum certified Green Industry in solid dyed fabric. Established in the year 2002, Mithela Textile Industries Limited, fostered by the Mithela Group, is the only textile industry in the whole of the Asian Continent that has been acknowledged for its commitment towards Mother Nature. For their contribution towards a cleaner and greener earth, their industry has been bestowed with a prestigious certificate which is the ‘LEED Platinum certificate’ given by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) in the year 2018 for solid dyeing woven materials without emitting toxins that might hamper the environment surrounding the industry.

Recently Team Denim Focus talked with Md. Mahbub Khan Himel, Director, Mithela Group.  When a problem arises, the go-to person or the person who does the disaster management is Md. Mahbub Khan Himel. He ensures that the overall functionality of the factory is smooth. From the textiles being woven, dyed, finished or printed to getting packaged and delivered, he makes sure the entire cycle runs perfectly fine without any unwanted glitches. Mr. Mahbub’s contribution is immense. He is one of the 4 pillars of Mithela Textiles. His efforts to keep the employees happy and safe are beyond one’s imagination, and his precision to check the products is also impeccable. He is an amazing multitasker! The conversation is highlighted below-

Denim Focus: How do you see the textile industry of Bangladesh for 2021?  

Md. Mahbub Khan Himel: I strongly believe that Bangladesh has massive opportunities in Textile industry as well as in RMG sector to be a global leader again in 2021. This can in turn lead of significant development and production in Textile. Considering the initiation and completion of production processes Bangladesh will be the best position due to strong forward linkage.

Denim Focus: What are the specialty of Mithela group as green factory?

Md. Mahbub Khan Himel: Mithila Textile is completely ecofriendly industry, the building is designed environmental friendly, outstanding constructions, energy efficient and the operations are integrated in order to achieve sustainable performance. To keep this consistent performance Mithela Textile always performs self as well as 3rd party audit with accuracy and precision.

Denim Focus: How can we promote our industry in upcoming days?

Md. Mahbub Khan Himel: The importance of the Textile industry in the economy of Bangladesh is very high. Individual needs to enhance their skills and expertise to ensure the quality of product. We have strong expertise, world brand machines, highly knowledgeable R&D, choosing best raw materials to produce consistent and high quality of fabrics. Mithela Textile consistently produces the innovative and diversified products beside basic which is our strength to keep sustained in coming days.