“We have a lot to increase in our business plan for Bangladesh Market” – Ahsan Mahmood, Country Manager Gina Tricot

Ahsan Mahmood, Country Manager Gina Tricot

Gina Tricot is a Swedish fashion chain offering exciting, feminine fashion to women in over 30 countries. Gina Tricot Sources Sustainable products from Bangladesh. They sell Exciting fashion, which is feminine, stylish and affordable – online and in stores. Recently, Ahsan Mahmood, Country Manager Gina Tricot shared his views about the recent crisis & opportunity for Bangladesh market with Denim Focus Team.

Denim Focus: How do you see the recent scenario of the Bangladesh RMG sector?

Ahsan Mahmood:  No distrust we are transient hard-hitting situation from last one year. Covid 19, then uneven yarn market. But Bangladesh is a country where always peoples are strong-minded to come out from any predicament circumstances.

Throughout this dated, all our industrial units have taken superior preparation to confirm health and safety and stay in the invention. This is an optimistic step from owners and of course from our workers who are collaborating incessantly and care for Brands to succeeding Business plans.

Denim Focus: What was your observation on the covid 19 pandemic situation?

Ahsan Mahmood:  Everyone is suffering from this situation for last year and effect we don’t know how long will continue. In last one year, we have seen business ups and down, transmission peoples from city to village. This is not only in Bangladesh, around the globe conditions are the same. But after all of this, everyone also trying to look for a substitute not to stop there. If we can’t manage ourselves to adapt to the changes, find out the new prospect, it will be hard for us to survive.

Denim Focus: Gina Tricot is a Swedish Fashion Brand, what type of product are you making for promoting sustainability?

Ahsan. Mahmood: For Gina Tricot and the fashion industry as a whole, our future success within sustainability will depend on close cooperation with our partners – both suppliers and experts.

Right now, we are working with a lot of different platforms for both environment, water and social responsibility as signatories and members in the accord on fire and building safety in Bangladesh, amfori BSCI and amfori BEPI as well as BCI and WWF water program/water risk filter.

Many suppliers have own initiatives within both social and environmental sustainability. Many of our suppliers have a vertical set- up which is very good for Gina Tricot when it comes to transparency and control of our supply chain as well as measuring our climate impact.

Products made of materials that are more environmentally sustainable: by end of 2020.

  • Our jeans are produced in more environmentally friendly production processes, we started mapping climate and water data at our key suppliers to set targets.
  • we challenged ourselves with new circular business models such as rental and vintage products we continued to increase the more sustainable transport option of shipping by sea, which now makes up 53 % of our product deliveries.

Denim Focus: What is the future Plan of Gina Tricot sourcing from the Bangladesh Market.

Ahsan Mahmood: Gina Tricot we have very firm sourcing and production strategy that is well routed and to establish new business. Bangladesh is very important! We have invested in a local production office with our own staff covering sourcing, merchandising, quality, CSR, environment, we see a growth in the RMG sector in Bangladesh for Gina Tricot. We believe a lot to increase from our business plan to Bangladesh. This is a country for now and the future.