US retailers and brands imported 54% more Denim Jeans from Bangladesh from Previous Year


According to OTEXA data, US retailers and brands imported 40% more denim jeans through May than they did during the same time period in 2021. Top supplier Bangladesh had an increase in imports of 54%, beating the year-to-date growth of 51% through April and giving Bangladesh a 22% market share. Pakistan’s shipments increased by 67%, which is significantly less than the country’s 72% year-to-date increase. Vietnam’s imports increased by 40% to $170.54 million, on par with the previous month, while China’s shipments increased by 24%, outpacing April’s 20% year-to-date increase.

Sri Lanka’s year-to-date growth slowed from a 21% increase in the previous month to 11%, and imports from Cambodia climbed by 38% in the first five months, up from a 25% increase earlier. Exports to Mexico increased by 26%. Shipments from Nicaragua increased 31% during the course of the five months. Colombian imports increased by 91%, and Guatemalan imports increased by 61%.

US imports from the western hemisphere rose 30% year to date through May, supporting the nearshoring trend. The region’s market share was 22% when seen together.

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