“The spirit and passion I see in the denim world is what motivates me to continue to push myself to continually improve” – Ani Wells, Director and Founder of Simply Suzette


Ani Wells is the Director and Founder of Simply Suzette, and Sustainable Denim & Communications Specialist. She created Simply Suzette for denim lovers like her to learn more about the sustainable production processes in the fashion industry. After graduating from a postgraduate fashion management program, she was mind-boggled when learning about the consequences denim production has on people and our planet. To influence the denim consumer for ethical shopping she created this platform Simply Suzette.

Recently Ani Wells shared her feelings and experience about the journey of Simply Suzette with Denim Focus Coordinator Mr. Pranta Biswas. For our readers, the conversation is published below.

Pranta Biswas: As an entrepreneur, how do you see the denim industry?

Ani wells: Entering the denim industry as an entrepreneur was very exciting. There is so much opportunity to work on different projects within denim, but the main thing I see is the drive that the denim industry has to constantly improve – much like an entrepreneur. The spirit and passion I see in the denim world are what motivates me to continue to push myself to continually improve.

Pranta Biswas: What was your observation during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020?

Ani wells: During the pandemic, I really saw a thirst for knowledge. People were tuning into as many webinars as they could and reading as many articles as they could find. This thirst for knowledge translated into a push towards fixing our broken fashion system. We spoke a lot about lasting change and banded together to ignite that change. We learned a lot throughout the pandemic, but we are also in survival mode. And still are. I hope action follows all the change we spoke about last year.

Pranta Biswas: Please give a short brief about your company Simply Suzette.

Ani wells: Simplysuzette.com is an online platform aiming to bridge the gap between the denim industry and consumers through education and sustainable storytelling. Simply Suzette curates eco-denim brands and writes about the companies (ie. mills, manufacturers, dye houses, brands) who are making positive changes in our industry and leading the way in industry best practice. I make it my business to visit the world’s denim trade shows, mills, manufacturers and events, educating myself so that I can transfer that knowledge to consumers. Simply Suzette also just launched “Supply Chain 101” to help the consumer understand the complexity of the denim supply chain and practices they should be supporting, as well as for brands, designers, buyers, and product developers to learn the best practices at each step.

Pranta Biswas: How do you bridge between consumer and manufacturer?

Ani wells: Simply Suzette bridges the gap between the consumer and manufacturers by democratizing information that would not generally be accessible to the consumer. Information coming directly from the supply chain can be quite confusing, using terminology that does not resonate with the average person. Simply Suzette distills this information and uses storytelling to engage the consumer.

Pranta Biswas: Any special message you want to convey to our “Denim Focus” readers and the denim industry of Bangladesh?

Ani wells: My message is to continue working towards resetting the power imbalances that occur within the supply chain and never stop trying to improve our processes. A dear mentor of mine, Ebru Debbag, once mentioned that innovation is often lost. We tend to chase newness and forget to build on the innovations we have already. There is such great technology out there helping us achieve more responsible production methods and if we build on them, the benchmark for responsible production will only rise and help bring the cost of the initial innovation down. And also wishing the best of luck for Bangladesh Based Magazine ‘Denim Focus’ in its journey towards industry development.

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