Artistic Milliners Gains LA Denim Factory


Artistic Milliners, a Karachi-headquartered denim fabric & garments manufacturer, has acquired a denim washing factory in Commerce, California, to grow into a state-of-the-art design & production hub based on Supply Chain 4.0 principles, with a new name Star Fades International (SFI).

“California has historically been an important cornerstone for the international denim industry. In 2021, we anticipate increased demand from international retailers and brands for near-shoring capacity, digital design services and sustainable solutions,” said Murtaza Ahmed, Founder of SFI & Executive Director of Artistic Milliners, “Our investment in this factory gives us a launch platform to meet that demand as we build the factory of the future,” he was quoted as saying.

The facility is currently offering a range of wet & dry processing capabilities, as well as sustainable finishing technologies, including – lasers, e-flow and ozone machines, to create authentic and innovative finishes while reducing the amount of water & chemicals used in a typical denim laundry.



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