Soorty and Green Story Partner on Life Cycle Analysis


Soorty, Pakistan’s largest vertically integrated denim producer, is pleased to announce their partnership with Green Story on an extensive Life Cycle Analysis of their products. This will show how and why making smart denim purchases can help society on a more responsible journey.

Driven by the goal to have every customer make environmentally and socially conscious choices, Green Story uses data-led advanced technology to measure the impact of production process and brings them together with easy-to-understand visuals to transform the customer experience and sustainable journey every step of the way. Using the global standard of Life Cycle Analysis methodology with data sourced from accredited partners around the world, Green Story brings the highest possible accuracy and transparency to their work, seamlessly integrating the results on different platforms to provide education on sustainability & brand credibility. From life cycle analysis and impact measurement to carbon offsetting with verified projects, every touchpoint allows the customer to consider: What is my impact?

As one of the largest vertical denim manufacturers in the world and by using data-driven transparency as their guide, Soorty knows that production at scale has the power to change things. Soorty sees and understands the need to be adaptable and fluid in skills and practices and uses technology as a tool to re-shape the systems as well as products. They are dedicated to making their impact on the environment and societies, a positive one, by using less of what is limited while making more and better use of it. Soorty has always put in the extra effort to educate the final customer. They have conducted workshops, attended design events, coordinated pop – ups, etc. to inform the consumer about denim and how denim can be responsible. The core of future possibilities is transparent information.

Soorty and Green Story started working together on two pieces from Soorty’s collections and have gone into the detailed measurement of their impact and will continue to work on additional products. From fiber selection to every single production process through the final products was calculated. The research done at Green Story shows that conscious consumers enjoy knowing their impact in real and comparative terms. This data results in relatable sustainability metrics that convince consumers to buy now. The interactive data and impact visuals will inspire brand-customer affinity, increase conversion rates, and highlight Soorty’s green choices.

Technology and innovation are disrupting every sector and industry. Transparency and credible data are becoming key to convince increasingly skeptical consumers that fashion brands are indeed changing.