Lee Introduced New Water-Saving Dyeing Technology


Denim brand Lee has introduced a new water-saving dyeing technology knowns as “Crystal Clear” using indeterminate “organic” ingredients in dye baths, enabling water recycling & increasingly reducing the amount of waste, water, and energy required to manufacture denim.

The brand aims to use 100% laser dyeing methods by 2023 besides partnership with companies engaged in up-cycling garments. ‘Crystal Clear’ dyeing technique is a part of its efforts to lower the impact of dye processes. The result is less waste, less water, and less energy used.

“The future is in what you do with your waste. If you’re going to leave it on the cutting room floor, what can it be repurposed into? This is a big topic of conversation – especially with our supply chain – and we do some of that, but I think we want to do it in a bigger way,” said Betty Madden, vice president of global design, Lee.

“Crystal Clear represents a significant step forward in the history of denim production and one we are really proud to be implementing at Lee Jeans,” the company said in a release.

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