Denim Being Consumers’ New Work Wear


Denim has always been one of the favorite pieces of cloth of most people. But according to a survey of Kontoor Brands, denim will become consumers’ new workwear.

The pandemic Covid-19 has introduced a new level of casualness in work attire that almost borders on sleepwear. The instantaneous and unprecedented demand for comfortable at-home fashion drove brands to pivot their production to nap dresses, joggers, house shoes, and wireless bras.

However, the industry is likely to gradually shift back to pre-pandemic fashion that would combine professionalism with comforts, adds the survey conducted by KRC Research. Around 85% of the 1,006 surveyed adults expect their office to have a business-casual dress code in the future. Almost 36% plan to wear dress pants or dress skirts when they return to the office. Another 15% of respondents expect to wear sweatpants and joggers to work. Nearly four in 10 workers surveyed said they expect to wear jeans to the office, and 82% indicated they plan to buy new jeans in the next 12 months. Jeans are also viewed as an essential off-duty item. As per the survey, 73% said they’re likely to wear jeans for a night out with friends, while 63% plan to wear jeans on dates. A surprising 31% said they even plan to wear jeans to more formal events like weddings.

Overall 84% of respondents to the Kontoor said they plan to refresh their wardrobes in the coming weeks with plans to spend $445 on new clothes. The survey echoes the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) new outlook for the year that projects retail sales will grow between 10.5% and 13.5% —the fastest growth the US has seen since 1984—thanks in part to the vaccination distribution putting millions back to work.