SF Denim signed ERP platform with Logic Software


Desk Report: Bangladesh-based one of the garment manufacturing company SF denim signed an ERP platform with Logic software for business process automation.

SF’s near-term vision is to maximize the customer’s satisfaction by supplying the best sellable readymade garments at a competitive price both in niche and mass-market segments. Our mission is to utilize the inherent potential of the most significant resources of the industry; human capital and technology towards sustained growth.

Logic Software Limited is the place where people and algorithms merge to manifest the full opportunities of today’s competitive digital ecosystem for business growth. We are proud to have contributed to the nation’s economy for the last 12 years. And we aspire to continue doing so by never wavering on our principles. This is only the beginning.

Logic currently contributes to a $7 billion industrial transaction through Platform ERP, 10% of national export, processing salary of 700,000 individuals per month in the Readymade Garments (RMG), Textile, and multi-vertical sectors of Bangladesh by maintaining the operational process of 165+ clients. This sector is the most vital source of export & foreign investments in the country. With the help of Technology, the local Readymade Garments (RMG) and Textile companies will Maximize their output and their overall Performance. In the 21st century, technology is the Difference-maker, and, we believe ultimately this will be the factor that differentiates between Successful and traditional industries.

On 13th March 2022, Mr Navid Mustafa- Director, S. F. Denim and Mr K.B. Mamoor- Managing Director, Logic Software Limited signed an MOU which turned into an Agreement on 31st March 2022, when Mr Fuad Abdullah- Managing Director, S. F. Denim Apparels Ltd. and Mr K.B. Mamoor- Managing Director, Logic Software Limited, in presence of Mr Noman- Executive Director, Mr Md. Walidur Rahman Biddut- CHRO, Mr Muntasir Ali- Head of IT and Mr Shourov- Sr. Executive, ERP, S. F. Denim, and Ms Rumana Ahmed- Director Welfare, Mr Sk Nasif- Dy. Manager, Business Development, Logic Software Limited.

Both Management expected a smooth and effective journey through the implementation tenure of ERP and an excellent experience regarding HRIS implementation development and implementation which will be another benchmark of this venture.