Outland Denim & Nudie Jeans Launch Supply Network Intelligence System


In partnership with IT company Precision Solutions Group (PSG), sustainable denim brands Outland Denim & Nudie Jeans have lunched the Supply Network Intelligence System, a program seeking out and working to resolve instances of deliberate exploitation, slavery & unsafe working conditions.

The First order of the program’s business is to support workers at Turkey’s organic cotton farms that supply both Outland Denim & Nudie Jeans brands the cotton they use to create their denim. The program is set up in a way allowing facilitators to promptly investigate reports of human rights violations and communicate them to stakeholders, government bodies, NGOs for resolution.

Through this program, which has already reached 1.5 million individuals, 150 communications have been arranged with the human rights hotline, ranging from reports of pay discrimination to unsafe working conditions, and 370 vulnerable individuals have benefited from the distribution of COVID-19 prevention kits.

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