Dutch Govt. Signs Landmark ‘Denim Deal’


The Dutch Government has signed the “Denim Deal”, a new agreement to increase the circularity of the country’s denim industry. Focusing on the use of recycled materials in denim made garments the main strength of this deal is that it involves all major parties in the denim supply chain who are hugely involved in the manufacturing and processing of the denim garments.

The new international collaboration has been signed by 30 parties, including the City of Amsterdam, the Amsterdam Economic Board, and the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management, the Municipalities of Haarlem & the Zaanstad, major brands such as Mud Jeans, Kings of Indigo, House of Denim and Scotch & Soda, etc.

Through this agreement, all signatories have committed to meet a certain sustainable denim standard, using at least 5% of recycled content in all denim garments. Scotch & Soda, Mud Jeans, Kuyuchi have also pledged to jointly make 3 million denim garments containing at least 20% of recycled textiles. The City of Amsterdam will support this aim by collecting old textiles from residents and ensuring as many people as possible recycle their denim correctly.

This deal will run for 3 years while at the end of each year a report will be prepared to analyze the results and new parties are welcomed to join up

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