Denim Expert Ltd Received NEW CHAMPION Award By World Economic Forum (WEF)


Bangladeshi denim manufacturing & washing plant Denim Expert Limited recently received the New Champion award by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

The New Champions Awards of the World Economic Forum recognize excellence in sustainability, digital disruption, and agile business governance. Denim Expert won Honorable Mention in the Sustainability category. This company was the only apparel & textile entity in the world receiving this recognition this year, was officially announced on the website of WEF on 16th November 2020.

World Economic Forum noted, “Denim Expert Ltd is a niche denim manufacturing plant in Bangladesh that is actively working to promote sustainability and inclusivity in the country’s apparel industry,” it continued “In 2019, the firm set sustainable goals and targets across several areas, including reducing the consumption of energy and water, CO2 emissions and waste generation. In association with USAID, the firm is also working to provide opportunities to the transgender people and human trafficking survivors”.

Committing to help Bangladesh always achieve more virtuous goals,  Managing Director of Denim Expert Ltd., Mostafiz Uddin said, “The WEF recognition not only brings honor to Denim Expert Ltd. but to Bangladesh as well. This recognition will help us boost the branding of Bangladesh.”