Officina39 returns to Asia’s trade fair scene with its renewed brand look, always holding on to its sustainable attitude based on “Chemistry plus creativity”


Bangladesh Denim Expo (10-11 May) marks the Italian company’s return to in-person trade fairs on the Asian continent. An opportunity to show off its new look in this key market and present its latest sustainable developments.

May 10-11, 2022 – It is certainly not unusual to link the term sustainability to Officina39, the Italy based company leader in the ecological innovation of chemical application in the textile sector: so the company cannot but be present at the Bangladesh Denim Expo in Dhaka on 10-11 May, a new edition after a two-year break, characterized by a focus on sustainability and the central theme “Beyond Business”.

Officina39 has been committed for years to the reconversion of the sector’s technologies to an environmental point of view: this attitude is strongly expressed in its latest Trustainable™ collection FW 23, based on the approach of honesty, transparency and social responsibility that has always driven the company. The plus to the collection is given by Aqualess Fade, a technology just recently presented at Kingpins that recreates the bleaching effect of chlorine on fabrics, a waterless special compound for the discoloration of denim on indigo/black garments which is reducing resource consumption and environmental impact.

After all, the new tagline of Officina39 is precisely “Chemistry plus creativity”: “This collection explores this concept of creativity to offer a new approach to denim and colored surfaces” explains Juan Manuel Gomez, Officina39 Creative Leader. “It is made possible by rethinking the conventional path for washing and dyeing using low-impact techniques and alternative looks with Aqualess Mission and Recycrom™ – the one-of-a-kind dyestuffs range patented by Officina39 which employs recycled used clothing, fibrous material and textile scraps – and more.

In our field, the word “less” is to be found pretty much everywhere you look: less water, less energy, less impact and the list goes on. So I asked myself if we could work on implementing the word “plus” in this collection.” Stated Stefano Parrotta, Officina39 Technical Manager. “And the answer, of course, was yes: we thought of all the ways in which the idea of more (plus) best represents what we do – more passion, more creativity, more collaboration, more inspiration, more Officina39. I think it is important to look for what the industry needs more of and the word “plus” perfectly embodies that!

Aqualess Fade indeed completes and integrates Aqualess Mission, a combination of technologies that allows garment laundry processes to reduce 75% of the water use. Until now, the process included three eco-friendly technologies: Novascraper Indigo, a laser finishing technique that adds a natural, vintage look to denim garments; OZ-ONE Powder, an advanced product to give garments a bleached yet eco-friendly treatment, for a worn and distressed look; and Aqualess Aged, a waterless compound to give denim abrasion effects. Specifically, this last revolutionizing product has recently marked an important achievement which adds to the company’s sustainable credentials: Officina39 in fact stands out as the first and only player to receive, for its Aqualess Aged, the DeniSafe® certification of enzyme product(s) by Novozymes for safe production and safe use through dry application.

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