Baktriana is a global e-commerce platform to connect retailers and buyers of luxury Fashion goods across the globe


Baktriana BV is an Amsterdam based Online retail platform for Luxury Fashion items. They traffic drivers and marketing partners all over the globe including Southeast Asia, India, USA, Europe, Australia. Recently Denim Focus Coordinator Pranta Biswas had a conversation with Ted Hettich, Founder & CEO, Baktriana to know about the inside story of such innovative Digital Platform. For our readers the conversation is below-

Question: Could you please brief about Baktriana?

Ted Hettich: Baktriana is global luxury / high end premium retail platform enabling brands and sellers to offer their new and pre-owned products worldwide via our global website and logistics network. Our mission is to connect retailers and buyers for hassle-free sales and purchases’ transactions with no economic borders.

We have named ourselves after a 3rd Century BCE Central Asian kingdom, which was recognized for fusing cultures between east and west through Silk Road trading, as well as after the Bactrian camel who helpfully enabled the delivery of goods along the ancient trade route. Likewise, we are here to make it easier for every consumer and retailer to buy and sell in today’s dynamic global market.

Baktriana, our luxury business arm, is a global e-commerce platform to connect retailers and buyers of luxury goods across the globe with a special focus on the South Asian activity. It is an online marketplace for international luxury designers, sellers, retailers, boutiques, etc, to put on a sale of their unique collection covering a variety of goods and experiences. Baktriana offers a safe network and space to excel at trading compliantly on a world stage. We endeavour to be at the forefront of technological innovation and maintain a competitive edge while also doing well for the planet and its people.

Question: Who are your potential clients?

Ted Hettich: Our clients are luxury and high-end premium brands and retailers from across the globe. We look to help both large and small brands and retail houses to show-case their product via our “boutique offering” which enables a shop- in – shop experience and allows brands and sellers to also get their message across within the Baktriana ecosystem.

Question: As a cross border ecommerce platform, what kinds of challenges do you face?

Ted Hettich: Naturally taxes and customer services are the first that come to mind. Therefore, we at Baktriana act as the retailer to take away most of the heavy lifting involved with selling internationally.  We also offer international warehousing via our logistics network and subsidiary entities. In terms of international expansion, testing the waters can be tricky and expensive, so we offer a no sale / no fee commission solution to assist our brands to enter new markets with ease.  We also offer connections to a wider international marketplace network via our retailer capabilities. So we are quite flexible as needed to drive home success to any luxury brand looking to go abroad.

Question: What is your observation about Fashion Ecommerce industry?

Ted Hettich: At the moment, I am noticing that many brands have not yet fully committed to taking their brand digital. We at Baktriana are here to help brands and boutiques focus on doing what they know and love – building their brand up, while ewe help in a wide range of digital and logistical services to help them stay competitive.

Question: What is your market share in South Asia?

Ted Hettich: We are a startup, so it is only the beginning, however, we have our  logistics network in play with warehousing and started to make our first sales in our target market of India! It is quite exciting to successfully bring European and US luxury brands to satisfied shoppers in India.

Question: What is your future plan?

Ted Hettich: Baktriana is keen on expanding into many more territories and markets not only online but with a full logistical solution to offer our luxury clients.  We also want to enable shoppers to discover even more brands and boutiques as we expand our category portfolio.  Especially in the Asian Wedding and clothing market, for women, men, and children.

Question: Any message to the global Fashion Industry?

Ted Hettich: I believe that the future is global and that being flexible is the key to international success. So, working with companies like Baktriana can help to move quickly to move online and to set up warehousing, and international distribution not only with speed but also with a cost-effective solution to help you grow globally.

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