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New Denim wash treatment introduced by Italian Zaitex

New Denim wash treatment introduced by Italian ZaitexA denim treatment has been created by Zaitex Fashion. It’s a laser enhancer that was created to make laser treatments on denim items look more natural and realistic, akin to manual scraping. Zetakin LST enhances the fabric’s characteristics while maintaining the denim’s original cast and colour. Typically, laser application on denim items can result in unexpected consequences, such as a grey/brownish patina on the surface, damaging the natural appearance of the fabric and necessitating further washing and rinses to remove. The laser improver Zetakin LST corrects these typical laser finishing difficulties and may be applied with a spray gun, soaking, or even spraying with the newest nebulizing technologies.

ZETAKIN LST fixes the common issues of the laser treatment like a grey/brownish patina on the surface, spoiling the natural look of the fabric, forcing to do additional washing & rinses to get them away.

ZETAKIN LST can be applied by spray gun, by soaking or, even better by spraying with the latest nebulizing technologies.

The washing procedure increases the fastness features of indigo-dyed denim jeanswear, and it also allows for the creation of diverse fashion styles by varying the types of washes. Denim clothes are subjected to a wide range of wash down and other post-production treatments. The goal is frequently to damage the clothing so that it appears aged and worn. This distressing adds a fashionable touch to the clothing while also softening an otherwise harsh fabric. If care is not taken in their selection and application, these post-production processes can have a disastrous effect on the sewing threads and, as a result, the seams.

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