Bangladesh export 32% more denim to US


According to OTEXA data, denim exports from Bangladesh to the United States increased by 31.40 percent from January to September 2021, making Bangladesh the top denim exporter to the United States. However, denim manufacturing in Bangladesh declined 2.46 percent in the same time period. Denim manufactured in Mexico saw a 1.25 percent increase in unit pricing.

China’s position as a leading denim supplier country has dwindled dramatically. Despite the fact that China has one of the lowest unit pricing among the top five denim exporting countries, all companies are shifting away from Chinese cotton. And other well-known denim exporters are taking advantage of the situation. Suppliers ranging from Vietnam, Pakistan, and Cambodia to Egypt, Jordan, and Nicaragua have all seen constant growth. Companies in the United States are looking for cost-cutting and risk-reduction opportunities overseas. They’re speeding up the process of diversifying their production base in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Meanwhile, customers in the United States prefer basic denim over high-end denim. After annual declines in 2020 and 2019, the US market is adopting denim clothes strongly in 2021. Denim costs have also dropped significantly. This indicates that customer preferences have evolved away from high-end denim and toward basic jeans, and the United States is seeking for low-cost sourcing nations.

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