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“Manufacturers should focus on diversified product and look for new potential market” -Humayun Kabir Salim, Managing Director, Khantex Fashions Ltd and Khantex Outerwear Ltd;

Khantex Fashions Ltd. It is a world class manufacturer and exporter of Denim Garments. Under the dynamic leadership of Humayun Kabir Salim a highly experienced and illustrious garments personality. Khantex Fashions Ltd is the flagship company of KFL Group. It’s a USGBC LEED Certified Green Factory. Keeping its commitment to the environment, the factory building is surrounded by greenery. Khantex Fashions Ltd takes responsibility for a habitable future, doing everything to limit carbon emission. The whole factory is integrated to achieve eco-sustainability. Mr. Humayun Kabir Salim, Managing Director of Khantex Fashions Ltd. and Khantex Outerwear Ltd. is a Bangladesh Textile and Apparel Manufacturer who has over 28 years of extensive experience. He has been the CEO of a number of well-known businesses. Khantex Fashions Ltd, his own business, was established three year ago. A LEED – Certified Green Factory that takes on a variety of projects at the right time. Recently Mr. Humayun Kabir Salim, talked with Team Denim Focus. An insight brief of Khantex Fashions Ltd. and ongoing business expansion has been noted by this magnificent and dynamic Industry leader.

“Manufacturers should focus on diversified product and look for new potential market” -Humayun Kabir Salim, Managing Director, Khantex Fashions Ltd and Khantex Outerwear Ltd;
Humayun Kabir Salim, Managing Director, Khantex Fashions Ltd and Khantex Outerwear Ltd;

Denim Focus: In this hard time of the industry, how do you manage your business?

Humayun Kabir Salim: Now we are in global crisis. Last year, during the first wave we were so scared and we were not prepared. We ran factory as dead loss situation. By the time we studied about the pandemic precautions we need, factory hygiene issues and worker’s health care issues. At present we have lots of challenges ahead however, we are not scared right now. We are running our factory with full confident. Thanks to Govt. for this well-timed decision to continue factory production during the lockdown. This decision kept our economy run smoothly. If it was not happening we could have lost many orders to our competitive countries like Vietnam, China, Cambodia as they are out of lockdown. It may be hit our national economy if Government did not take such decision on right time.

We are running our operation, however, there remain some absenteeism as thousands of workers are working here. And we are very concern about the workers’ health care. If someone feel sick, we are not letting him/her to work.

Our whole supply chain has some problems as the backward linkage industry like spinning, accessories, printing, embroidery are not being able to run smoothly due to lockdown. Already there is going second wave of corona pandemic. So we are observing the situation where it gets turn. We are positive as whole world is mentally prepared about the pandemic situation and accepts that we have to live with the virus.

Denim Focus: Due to 2nd wave of covid-19 what is the order situation of your company?

Humayun Kabir Salim: Our current order situation is quite satisfactory. For the next 6 months we are fully booked. But we don’t know what will be the situation as some European countries again declared lockdown. If the lockdown continues for more days, we are scared whether our buyers could be able to take away the orders delivery or not as most of the stores are closed. If it happens we will be hit deadly again.

Denim focus:  What are the product range of Khantex & what is the new product diversification plan of Khantex?

Humayun Kabir Salim: For the time being our more than 60% capacity is for denim product. Rest are non-denim items. We have plan to diversify our product range with some value added woven items. We are going to setup an outerwear factory where we will manufacture Outerwear Jacket, formal shirt, dress, bottom items etc.

Currently Woven market is pretty down, however we expect that by the time of starting production whole world will be calm. And our product range is such like that will always be in demand. Customers will buy winter range product whether there is pandemic or not. Our outerwear jacket already has huge demand to the buyers. Our Existing buyers are pushing to go for such investments as China is phasing out from jacket production due to labor shortage and Vietnam, Cambodia’s capacity is small and always full. I believe next 50 years will be good time for Bangladesh Outerwear jacket production.

“Manufacturers should focus on diversified product and look for new potential market” -Humayun Kabir Salim, Managing Director, Khantex Fashions Ltd and Khantex Outerwear Ltd;
Khantex Fashions Ltd and Khantex Outerwear Ltd factory

We are also focusing on design diversification. That’s why we have introduced new design studio for value added product development. Our designers are emphasizing how we can strengthen the process. BGMEA is also planning for setting centralized design and development studio. In future we will work with them for better output and that would be a good future for value added product.

Denim Focus: Recently BGMEA new board took charge. As a member of BGMEA, what is your expectation from new board, how will they overcome recent challenges?

Humayun Kabir Salim: Definitely, I think, this new of board of BGMEA is the highest capable and well experienced board ever in the history of Bangladesh. Specially our current president Mr. Faruque Hassan has been working for this industry more than 30 years. We are hopeful that this board will successfully overcome all the challenges and tackle the ongoing pandemic disaster wisely.

Denim Focus: Any message for the Textile and Apparel Industry?

Humayun Kabir Salim: A common message to industry is that, we must focus on efficiency increasing, rejection decreasing workers training. Specially we should work on diversified product development to capture new market. BGMEA, BTMA, BKMEA, FBCCI, Govt policy makers and industry stakeholders should make a concrete plan for better development of our RMG industry.

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