A virtual “rally” to support sexual violence survivors took place in Los Angeles arranged by Denim Day campaign on 28 April


A virtual “rally” to support sexual violence survivors took place on 28 April – Denim Day, a campaign launched in 1999. This is Denim Day’s second day, as a result of the pandemic, to host a virtual rally held by Peace Over Violence, based in Los Angeles. Supporters are encouraged to wear denim as a sign of Solidarity, and ‘We protect each other’ are the subjects of the year.

Patti Giggans, Denim Day founder and CEO of Peace Over Violence, said: “Whether we are working on the front lines, sheltered at home, marching in the streets, or gathering on the steps of City Hall, we want survivors to know that we believe them and that we will always protect each other.

“By partnering with businesses, educational institutions, students, community members and elected officials, Peace Over Violence’s Denim Day has become both a symbol of protest against erroneous and destructive attitudes about sexual assault and a powerful tool for disrupting rape culture.”

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