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Kemin Textile Auxiliaries Opens Garmon Studio in China

Kemin Textile Auxiliaries Opens Garmon Studio in ChinaKemin Textile Auxiliaries Opens Garmon Studio in China and Creates Special Jeans to Celebrate Anniversary of San Marino’s Friendship with the Country Applications laboratory is Garmon’s first outside its headquarters in San Marino, bringing its technical and fashion expertise closer to customers.

Kemin Industries, a global ingredient manufacturer that strives to sustainably transform the quality of life every day for 80 percent of the world with its products and services, announced today that Garmon Chemicals (Garmon), Kemin’s textile auxiliaries business unit and the chemical solutions brand for the denim and fashion industry, is opening its fashion laboratory, Garmon Studio, in Jiangmen, Guangdong Province, China – very close to Kemin’s regional headquarters in Zhuhai. Garmon Studio China is the first applications laboratory that Kemin Textile Auxiliaries has opened outside of San Marino – a milestone with important implications for the company.

The biggest benefit of opening its first international Garmon Studio in China is that Kemin Textile Auxiliaries is now closer to local customers – both denim mills and laundries – broadening the opportunity for its technicians to work with a group of companies that previously faced language barriers or travel restrictions. With Garmon Studio China, Kemin Textile Auxiliaries will also be able to create local collections that better match domestic styles and trends.

Kemin Textile Auxiliaries Opens Garmon Studio in ChinaThe second major advantage of the new Garmon Studio’s location is that it provides Kemin Textile Auxiliaries technicians in China the ability to sharpen their skills, giving them the equipment, space and time needed to perform tests and experiments to get the most out of Garmon’s products. The fashion laboratory will be equipped with the most modern equipment available, including Kemin Textile Auxiliaries’ revolutionary Smart Foam system that reduces water consumption by up to 80 percent.

To celebrate the opening of the fashion laboratory, Garmon Studio created a special pair of jeans in honor of the 50th anniversary of official relations between San Marino and The People’s Republic of China. The legs of the garment have been imagined as the two countries, linked together by friendship. On the left leg, San Marino’s iconic towers stand above the Adriatic Sea, represented as an endless water surface overcoming distance and barriers to join the South China Sea (on the right leg), which is surmounted by an ancient Chinese temple.

The jeans’ design draws inspiration from both cultures, as the most classical western workwear is recreated in a style recalling details of a traditional Chinese Qipao.

The fabric – provided by Advance Denim, one of the most important Chinese denim mills – is made of natural cotton and hemp fibers. Smart Foam technology was used in the denim finishing, which was performed at room temperature and with Garmon’s most sustainable products. A gold-foil “50” on the finished product represents the years of official friendship between San Marino and China.

During a July 15 business forum at the Kursaal Congress Center in San Marino, Garmon donated the one-of-a-kind piece to the San Marino Minister of Industry and The People’s Republic of China Ambassador to both Italy and San Marino. In parallel, the Kemin Textile Auxiliaries team in China inaugurated the new Garmon Studio via video call. The team was joined by important local authorities and denim-finishing companies.

For more information on Garmon Studio services and to visit the new studio, go to or contact local sales agent.

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