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ISKO™ announce new collaboration with HIGH, bringing positive change both to the planet and its people.

ISKO™ announce new collaboration with HIGH, bringing positive change both to the planet and its people.ISKO™ is proud to announce our new collaboration with HIGH, bringing positive change both to the planet and its people. HIGH Spring Summer 2021 is a co-branded collection, beginning with two garments that will be released as part of the Spring/Summer season, featuring our R-TWO™ technology.

Their commitment to the environment and sustainability means we are always innovating, pushing ourselves to rethink waste, sourcing strategies and higher accountability. They are also choosing like minded brands to partner and collaborate with, that hold to this standard and vision for their collections.

About HIGH

Founded in 2007, HIGH is a premium label that focuses on the ‘everyday couture’, and creating high quality clothes that are useful, beautiful and desirable. Every piece is developed by hand from design sketch to a fully finished prototype. Their philosophy is that clothes should be useful, of good quality and well designed as well as beautiful, comfortable, flattering and fun to wear.

HIGH collections are composed of visibly different, innovative, intelligently designed garments with a signature style that are the result of their very particular process.  All HIGH collections are made and distributed in Italy, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern appeal.

HIGH Spring Summer 2021 with R-TWO™ technology

The two-piece garment for the HIGH Spring Summer 2021 collection is made of ISKO’s R-TWO™ technology, which is created entirely from a blend of reused and recycled materials and improves our efficiency throughout the entire field-to-fabric production. Both the beautifully detailed jacket and fitted denim jeans embody the ‘everyday couture’ aesthetic of HIGH with the innovative denim ingredient approach of ISKO™.

R-TWO™ considers the complete fabric cycle and utilises the Waste Hierarchy approach, which manages resources based on their environmental impact, focusing on reducing, reusing, and recycling.


R-TWO™ program tackles outsourcing and reduces waste production by relying on reused cotton and recycled polyester.


Typically, during the processing of raw cotton into yarn, for every 100kg of cotton about 10% is lost. With R-TWO™, we collect this loss and add it back into the spinning process. The result is fully traced, documented and audited cotton which is also Content Claim Standard certified.


Recycled polyester comes from clear plastic bottles and other certified waste. The main reason for using this rather than virgin polyester is that it requires less energy to be manufactured. So by using certified recycled polyester we effectively reduce dependence on petroleum, ultimately cutting down on the overall carbon footprint of our fabrics.

Fabrics made with R-TWO™ technology are extremely versatile; and have been used in collaborations such as Miles Johnson’s Light on the Land collections, and Coralie Marabelle’s latest eco-responsible capsule collection. Plans for the Future

Both ISKO™ and HIGH are very excited about the start of a long-term collaborative partnership through the ISKO R-TWO™ program. Stay tuned for a deeper collection coming in the AW21 season, exploring the multifaceted abilities of materials which also respect the planet and its resources, creating beautiful garments with artisanal know how, and a responsible soul.

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