Lenzing Launched TENCEL™ E-Shop


The Lenzing Group’s flagship textile brand, TENCEL™, unveiled TENCEL™ eShop, the first-ever e-commerce channel created by a sustainable fiber producer today. The eShop bridges the divide between manufacturers and the end-consumer by curating a diverse mix of apparel and home goods made of TENCEL™ branded fibers. This debut marks a new milestone in Lenzing’s ongoing digitalization and mission to educate and encourage consumers to make informed purchases. With the eShop, the TENCEL™ brand will provide consumers with a trusted source to make sustainable purchases conveniently.

“The pandemic has been a catalyst that accelerated the industry’s transformation towards digital presence and greater sustainability,” said Harold Weghorst, Vice President of Global Marketing & Branding at Lenzing. “Consumers are electing to buy from the comfort of their homes. Many are also rethinking what they need and look for sustainable alternatives where applicable. This is where the new TENCEL™ eShop comes in. It does not only offer consumers a unique opportunity to find sustainable fashion and home textiles from different brands on one single platform but also enables them to learn about how the raw materials used in their products are being made. We are excited to launch the e-shop with well-known fashion brands, and provide consumers an easy way to source eco-friendly goods.”

“We are thrilled to diversify our services and provide brands and retailers a one-stop platform that connects with eco-conscious shoppers directly,” said Florian Heubrandner, Vice President Global Textiles Business at Lenzing AG. “As we continue to develop more sustainable textile solutions, we hope that this new e-commerce channel will evolve into one of our brand partners’ key consumer engagement channels. We also hope that consumers will enjoy a new one-stop platform that is not only convenient to use but also empowers them to make informed purchases of sustainable clothing and home textile products.”

Showcasing over 200 products made of TENCEL™ branded lyocell and modal fibers on eShop, the TENCEL™ brand is leveraging its strong partnership base to expand its textile offerings across multiple segments, from denim to footwear and activewear. The eShop is available on the English language TENCEL™ website and caters to audiences from different parts of the world. Featuring a mixture of international brands, the eShop aims to drive a paradigm shift toward eco-responsible production and eco-conscious consumption of fashion and home textile items. Lenzing will continue to expand its brand partnerships to triple the product count on the TENCEL™ eShop by the end of 2021.