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Indian RSWM investing on Denim

Indian RSWM investing on DenimRSWM is spending close to Rs 350 crores across four factories to expand its denim and yarn sectors. This year, around Rs 300 crores in anticipated investments would be made, with bank loans accounting for 80% of the total. Internal accrual accounts for the rest. By fiscal year 2023, the capex will be completely functional. The investments are intended to boost the company’s revenue. According to current run rates, the order books for the months of October to January total Rs 250 crores each month. For the next few months, RSWM will be at capacity.

RSWM is a leading manufacturer and supplier of synthetic and mixed spun yarn in India. The current capacity of RSWM is 300 tons per month. With the increased demand for athleisure products, plans are in the works to raise it to 1000 tons over the next 18 to 24 months. With branded clothing players extending their portfolio in areas such as track pants, active wear, and so on, the category has grown by about 30%. Exports account for over 30% of RSWM’s total sales volume, which spans 78 countries.

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