If we can focus on Lean management, waste minimization & efficiency, then 2022 onward will create more opportunities for us”


Shasha Denims Ltd. began its journey as a family-owned company, with a vision to create a global standard in the green and sustainable denim manufacturing industry. It has now positioned itself as one of the leading 100% export-based denim manufacturers in Bangladesh, while it is continuously developing and refining environmentally friendly techniques and procedures with a more-than-human consideration creating our denim products.

Shams Mahmud, has been actively engaged with the private sector since 2008, when he returned to Bangladesh after completing his education in the UK and USA. He currently holds the position of Managing Director at Shasha Denims Ltd, Shasha Spinning Ltd, Shasha Textiles, Director of Shasha Garments Ltd, and EOS Textile Mills Ltd. He is also appointed as the Honorary Consul of FDR Ethiopia to Bangladesh and is also a Capstone Fellow of the National Defence College.

Mr. Mahmud serves as the Secretary-General of Consul Crops Bangladesh and Vice President of the Philippines Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Mr. Mahmud also served as the President of the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry in 2020. Previously Mr. Mahmud had served as Vice President of Bangladesh Philippines Chamber of Commerce & Industry and was a member of the Board of Directors in Bangladesh Textile Mills Association and Dutch Bangla Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
Recently Team Denim Focus talked with this highly enthusiastic business conglomerate where he shared his pandemic observation, Shasha Denim’s Specialties, and expectations for 2022. The conversation is drafted below for our readers-

“If we can focus on Lean management, waste minimization & efficiency, then 2022 onward will create more opportunities for us”
– Mr. Shams Mahmud, Managing Director, Shasha Denim

Denim Focus: What is your Observation in 2021?

Shams Mahmud: At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, we faced some order crises. However, in 2021 we were prepared. As you know, every challenge has some opportunities and denim has some specialties. When we face some crisis specially an economic crisis in the market, denim demand increases. Due to the rationing of electricity issues in China along with the problems in Myanmar and Ethiopia, BD’s demand is on the surge. At present most denim fabric suppliers are booked here in Bangladesh.

Denim Focus: What should we do to keep the order flow?

Shams Mahmud: We are indeed overbooked. But the price is also competitive, we can’t place an order with a loss. During the pandemic, knitted order was high, that’s why many woven manufacturers placed an order with low prices just not to keep the production line empty. And now they are facing loss as the transport cost, yarn price, other raw materials price is so high. So we need to handle this challenge. As orders shifted from China, Myanmar, Ethiopia, we will have good days ahead, we just now need to focus on efficiency, quality, diversification, value addition. Thus way, order flow will be stable.

Denim Focus: What are the Specialties of Shasha Denim?

Shams Mahmud: Quality and sustainability are our specialties. We are mostly focused on the Middle to the upper-end market. We are performing environment-friendly activities. We are developing a new fabric in collaboration with M/C & Chemical supplier companies. We are developing low environment impact fabric. During the pandemic when buyers faced some sourcing crisis, we focused on Turkish fabric and developed it here, so that buyers can get easy support from us. Right now, we are exporting fabric to Pakistan, Panama, Colombia as well.
The right amount of water, the right amount of chemicals, recycled denim from ocean plastic, regenerated cotton, technical fabric are our main priorities at this moment. Our fabrics need low laser cost, that’s why we charge some-more compared to others. However, we are saving money for the buyers as well. Quality, on-time delivery, and commitment to ethics & value are our main specialties.

Denim Focus: What are the recent investment-focused areas?

Shams Mahmud: We are focusing more on R&D keeping the existing facility running.
We are jointly developing the world’s best quality moleskin fabric in association with EOS Textiles.
Investing more in environment-friendly Machines and chemicals.
Increasing 1 manufacturing line of 1 million yards capacity, will create more than 600 new employment opportunities.

Denim Focus: What is your Expectation for 2022?

Shams Mahmud: We are very positive in 2022. There will always be ups and downs in the business. Challenges are the constant companion in every business. As we are graduating from LDC to a middle-income country, so obviously there will be some extra challenges. We should start taking preparation for this. If we can focus on Lean management, waste minimization, efficiency increase, then 2022 onward will be an opportunity for us. We just need to ensure the right price for the right order.

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