Global Fashion Group (GFG) Declared For Carbon Neutrality


Global Fashion Group (GFG), the leading online fashion & lifestyle destination in growth markets, has announced carbon neutrality across its operations and outbound deliveries, the use of 100% green energy across its 9 fulfillment centers in Latin America, the CIS, Southeast Asia (SEA) and Australia & New Zealand (ANZ). In addition, the business releases its long-term carbon mitigation strategy, marking a key milestone in the company’s journey to reduce its footprint and manage the transition to a lower-carbon economy.

In line with its sustainability strategy, GFG offset the emissions generated from its operations and outbound deliveries by purchasing high-quality carbon credits from certified renewable energy projects located in China, India, and Brazil where GFG’s operations and own-brand suppliers are based.

Further, 100% of GFG’s fulfillment centers are today sourcing renewable electricity, achieved through ANZ shifting to a renewable electricity provider and purchasing of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) for fulfillment centers in LATAM, CIS, and SEA. Recognizing that the purchase of RECs is an interim solution as green energy infrastructure in GFG’s markets continues to mature, the company will continue exploring opportunities such as on-site solar panel installations at its fulfillment centers.

Jaana Quaintance-James, Chief Sustainability Officer at GFG said: “We are very excited to celebrate World Environment Day this year by announcing carbon neutrality of our operations and deliveries to customers, as well as green energy sourcing for all our fulfillment centers. We have reached an inflection point as a global community whereby the impetus for the transition to a low carbon economy is undeniable. We recognize there is much work ahead of us to reduce our footprint and therefore formalising our carbon mitigation strategy is an important step to support our transition. While the purchase of offsets and renewable energy certificates will not distract us from true reduction efforts, they mark an important milestone in GFG’s journey.”

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