Young & honest leadership can be the driving force for RMG sector – Mrs. Maksuda Chowdhury Misha, Managing Director, Stylish Garments Limited


One of the young & visionary women entrepreneurs, Maksuda Chowdhury Misha. She always took on new challenges with new ideas. She is the Managing Director, Stylish Garments Limited and Director Bangladesh-Philippines Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Recently she shared his journey, mission, vision and contribution to the RMG sector with Denim focus.   

Journey of RMG sector 

As RMG is the leading sector of our economy and there is a lot of scope to work. So, many limbs have to be in one rope to ensure success.  Too many challenges but have a lot to contribute and to learn a lot too in this sector. I got inspiration from my husband and family while studying British-law. Also, interest in accounting leads me to this sector. The spirit of young, active & mature leadership of my husband has inspired me a lot by the grace of Almighty Allah.

Young Generation moving Industry & its evaluation 

Young generation has to come up because RMG is purely global, and drastic modernization is also needed. Moreover, value added products and product diversifications are also very necessary. In my view, visionary thinking of young & honest leadership can be the driving force to be the number-1 in the world. 

Figure: Maksuda Chowdhury Misha with her husband Salauddin Chowdhury, Chairman of Stylish Garments 

Covid-19 pandemic in business 

 Covid also affected us a lot. However, we are trying to achieve our export target this year. As we are in a better position than our neighboring countries, so now it’s time for us to perform. Product diversification, skilled workers and compliant industries are now the keys to sustain & further development.

Future Plan for Contribution of RMG sector

As I said earlier, through the garment sector, one can contribute a lot. A successful industry means thousands of employees from financial institutions to different kinds of SME too e.g., house rental, shops like groceries etc. are directly dependent on the sector. The government is having source text directly from export income too. It’s the most foreign currency earning sector. We introduced new technology and more worker welfare  facilities with a safe working environment for the workers in our  stylish garments Limited  which are basically key elements to make our industry a sustainable one and it may play a vital role for the more development of our Golden Bangla.