Desh Group choose the best ERP for the RMG & Textile sector named Pride ERP by Pridesys IT Ltd

“My dream for Desh Group is clear: To be the industry leader in garments, shipping, and derivative trading strategies in terms of performance delivered, client experience, and culture.” MOHAMMAD NOORUL QUADER, Founder, Desh Group of Companies Following the War of Liberation in 1974, he was inspired to move on to newer challenges. His vision for the future pushed him to create ventures that would bring forth new scope for the people of the newly founded Bangladesh. Thus, Desh Group of Companies was established to bring forth active solutions to unemployment.
Desh Group began its journey back in 1974 under which As the pioneer of modern garments, Desh Garments Ltd. was formed jointly with Daewoo of South Korea in 1978. Mr Quader, in hopes of building a strong technical and marketing team, sent 130 men and women to Daewoo’s factory. They then returned to build the foundation of Desh Garments.
Desh Group has been the main flag-bearer of the company, and their garments sector, Desh Garments Ltd., pioneered 100% export-oriented readymade garments that ultimately led to the birth of the industry in Bangladesh. With this new partnership with Pridesys IT Ltd., Desh Group will further improve their operations and efficiency, leading to greater success in the future.
Pridesys IT Ltd. has been providing extensive experience in digital transformation by business process automation, IT governance, and project management of national and international clients since 2013. The company has a long track record of successfully implementing their own developed ERP product for various industries, including garments/RMG (finishing, dyeing, knitting, woven, washing, cutting, planning), healthcare, education, and more.
With a skilled workforce of over 200 team members, Pridesys IT Ltd. is committed to providing high-quality services at affordable rates, including big data, machine learning, IoT, cloud migration, blockchain, IT consultancy, mobile apps, and offshore development. The company has received two international awards, five national awards, and many local awards for their exceptional work.
On this memorable occasion, Mrs. Vidiya Amrit Khan- Deputy Managing Director, Desh Group and Mr. Monuwar Iqbal – Managing Director, Pridesys IT Ltd. Signed the Agreement for the implementation of Pride ERP at the Desh Garments Ltd. in the presence of the high officials of both concerns.
We are excited to work with Desh Group and provide them with our top-notch ERP solutions to enhance their business processes and increase their profitability. At Pridesys IT Ltd., we are always looking for exciting opportunities with ambitious businesses that want to grow, and this new partnership with Desh Group is just one example of that commitment.