C&A finally introduced Made in Europe “ Forever Denim “ Line


The first drop of C&A’s new “Forever Denim” line, which is created in Europe, has just been released. As part of its first C&A FIT (Factory for Innovation in Textiles) initiative, the business announced plans to construct a new production plant in Monchengladbach, Germany, around a year ago.

The new “Forever Denim” collection intends to provide a more sustainable denim collection that may appeal to a wide range of clients. It comprises six distinct designs – three for men and three for women – in a variety of blue tones, such as light, mid, and dark tones. The women’s collection includes two straight fits and a flared jeans shape, while the men’s collection includes straight and tapered variants.

C&A FIT, which stands for Factory for Innovation in Textiles, is a new facility that uses technology from European firms, notably Sip Italy’s Factor-Hit idea for modern gear. Processes such as ozone, laser, and nebulization assist to save water. The shop claims that their facility reduces water use per item from 70 litres to only 10 litres, which is lower than the industry average.

Fabric and materials are also obtained in Europe as part of the group’s goal of zero carbon emissions from locally created items. Candiani produces the denim fabric in Italy using GOTS or OCS certified organic cotton. The initial drop, dubbed “Forever Denim,” has six pieces in three distinct washes, three for men and three for women (all priced at €59.99). The second drop, set for August 2022, will include more designs and colors, as well as in-store and online availability.