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Blue jeans importers emphasize nearshoring

Blue jeans importers emphasize nearshoringBlue jeans imports from the Western Hemisphere increased 43.46 percent in the nine-month period. Mexico’s imports increased by 46.53 percent. The Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) nations together had a 32.69 percent rise in imports. Shipments from Nicaragua increased by 34.57 percent, while imports from Guatemala increased by 24.73 percent. Colombian imports increased by 25.52 percent.

The Dominican Republic-Central the America-United States Free Trade Agreement’s western hemisphere supply chain for textiles and apparel is a key pillar of the collaboration between the US and the nations of the Dominican Republic-Central America-United States Free Trade Agreement. The CAFTA-DR origin rules give the industry the security it needs to develop and grow operations in a way that benefits both US employees and those in the region. Over the last decade, the US textile sector has spent more than $20 billion in the US and billions more in the hemisphere to expand economic prospects in the US and the region.

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