2021 new challenges & opportunity for Textile & Apparel industry


Special Report – According to industry owners year of 2020 was the learning period for every Industry. Especially the young generation learnt a lot from the pandemic. They implemented their thorough knowledge and played influential role for industry sustainability. Recently some young entrepreneurs & industry insider who are leading the industry shared their opinion of New Year of 2021 with Textile Focus Team.

It has been the toughest time for the sector in 2020.Lots of cancellation of the orders, increasing huge bank liabilities, decreasing orders etc. Still, we are running with limited capacity to survive and I can see more difficulty in the coming year. But, thanks to our honorable PM for the stimulus for which we are still surviving and also thanks to Bangladesh Bank for supporting us. Inshallah, we will get more financial and policy supports in 202 too said Salauddin Chowdhury, Chairman, Stylish Garments Ltd, member, BGMEA.

There is little doubt that 2021 will continue to be tough for many as the COVID-19 pandemic tracks an uncertain trajectory. Our task, therefore, is to find silver linings, knowing that times of change are inherently rich with opportunity. Garment companies that double down on strategy, align with key trends and reflect an evolving consumer landscape are likely to emerge from the crisis stronger, leaner, and ready to thrive in the next normal said Mirza Shams Shakti CEO, SM Sourcing In the year of 2021 we need to focus on sustainability.

We have highest number of green factories in the world. We need to promote it. LEED is not just a certification, it should be a management process and require continual progress.- Ananta Ahmed, Managing Director, 360 TSL Ltd.

Year of 2021, in denim industry, fabric and washing are two very important part, we should always focus on latest technology in washing and fabrics manufacturing, will lead us to develop this industry in a consistent way. Said, Md. Muntakim, Country Manager, Kaan Chemical.

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