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Young generation is now more focus on country’s economy development than ever – Mahbub Khan Himel

Young generation is now more focus on country’s economy development than ever - Mahbub Khan HimelDesk Report : Recently HYD Entrepreneurs’ Hive 2021 Business Conference held at Sena Convention Halls, with 800 students from all over the country, along with Chief Guest Honorable State Minister of Water Resources Col. Retd. Zahid Farooque Shamim MP, Special Guest Mr. Nur Uddin Chowdhury Noyon MP.
Special Guest : Mahbub Khan Himel, Director-Mithela Group & presided by Hamim Islam, President of House of Youth Dialogue – HYD and coordinated by Meraj Dewan On the event, Mahbub Khan Himel, Director-Mithela Group said his speech- Heartiest welcome to Honorable Chief Guest State Minister of Water resources, Mr. Cornel Zahid Faruq Shamim  MP, Honorable Special Guest Mr. Nur Uddin Chowdhury Noyon MP.

Thanks to House of Youth Dialogue(HYD) for inviting me here on this occasion & also
Thanks to all Students and Participants from all over the country for attending such a nice event.

I was asked to share my experience as a young entrepreneur, I am sharing today what I have learned from my journey for last 15 yrs. I would like to point out key knowledge and would be very happy if some of these may help you in your long run.

First of all, you must have a dream and set the Goal. Dream big and keep it on. Bill Gates vision was one-day…people would have their own computer. That time people laughed at him, but he made it happen.

We started our textile business early 90s with garments as family business. According to our studies we came to know that , the textile industry will be booming near future, my eldest brother Mr. Azhar Khan, Chairman of Mithela Group took initiative to establish an export oriented weaving mill at Narayangonj belt where it is known as a textile hub in the country.

Now Mithela Textile has become one of the biggest weaving unit in Bangladesh. Slowly we created a huge market from all over the world. We immediately thought to form a green export oriented dyeing and finishing factory besides our weaving units which was completely a dream come true on 2017. As you know, Mithela Textile became a Leed platinum rated green category factory, It ranks 5th out of ten factories in the world. Alhamdulillah…& our capacity 5 million yards per month for non-denim solid dyed and printed fabrics.

As a young family member I am so lucky enough to work closely with our Honorable Chairman, Managing Director, and learned a lot from my brothers along with other officials.

There were various turning point as I have faced where You can never wait for the right moment to come. You have to do what is needed to do and that should be consistent.  Business opportunities available everywhere. Any business can develop into a large company if it is well planned and managed what Mithela Textile Industries have been proved nicely.

You have to keep your learning mind open as long as you are alive. You have to be more patient. You may fail in your first venture but you should prepare yourself for next attempt. All of these I said are from my learnings, from my journey. Hope the best for you.

Our organization will always be open for you, you can contact me for any advice at any time. My FB I’d Mahbub Khan Himel, I always like to work with the youth.

Best wishes for HYD again, as they are trying for our youth showing them right paths.

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