Wrangler® And Pendleton Woolen Mills Weave The Spirit of The West Into New Heritage-Inspired Collaboration


One of America’s most recognized denim labels, Wrangler®, and the world-class leader in wool, Pendleton Woolen Mills, has recently announced the Wrangler x Pendleton Collection, honoring the exquisite workmanship and bold hues of the Southwest with a collection featuring long-lasting denim, wool and cotton pieces.

Wrangler x Pendleton signifies one of the final collaborations in the brand’s 75th anniversary as it leans into its western roots to wrap up the milestone year. Other notable activations include the auction of a 75th Anniversary diamond belt buckle with Montana Silversmiths and the launch of additional pieces in the Wrangler x Yellowstone Collection in tandem with the season 5 premiere of cable’s #1 hit, Sundays on Paramount Network. The finale of the icon’s diamond anniversary will take place at the season-ending championship event, the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, this December.

“Collaborating with another iconic brand in the western space allowed us to weave heritage style and western motifs into modern pieces and inspire courageous individuality through the fusion of quality denim and wool,” said Vivian Rivetti, global vice president of design – Wrangler. “As western style and culture continues to have a driving influence in mainstream fashion, we feel honored to offer this one-of-a-kind collection with investment pieces brand fans will treasure for generations.”

“As a family-owned company dedicated to resilience and true authenticity, teaming up with a leading western brand like Wrangler was a natural choice for us,” said Peter Bishop, Executive Vice President of Design and Merchandising at Pendleton Woolen Mills. “Through creative collaboration, we have combined the best of denim and wool, interweaving the two as a tribute to the western lifestyle.” 

Wrangler x Pendleton ranges in price from $49-495 and sizes XS-XXL and is available to shop on www.wrangler.com. To stay aware on #Wrangler75, follow @wrangler and @wranglernetwork on social media.

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