Crystal Denim Partnered with Browzwear Design Solution


Crystal Denim, a subsidiary of the Crystal International Group, has announced a partnership with digital solutions provider Browzwear. This partnership will bring digital twins of the company’s specialty denim fabrics to users of the VStitcher 3D design platform.

“Browzwear has been an important partner to Crystal Denim as we strive for a net-zero emission future aligning with our Group’s Net Zero 2050 vision, not only for our company but for our industry overall,” commented Miles Lam, Assistant General Manager of Sales and Business Development, Crystal Denim.

“Crystal Denim and Browzwear share the commitment to transforming the fashion industry and leveraging technology to help businesses do better economically while doing so environmentally as well,” said Hanan Lifshitz, VP of product at Browzwear.

Crystal Denim has been leveraging Browzwear as part of its commitment to reducing carbon emissions and lowering the company’s overall environmental impact since 2008. Browzwear’s technologies will give designers and manufacturers of denim garments greater ability to visualise designs in realistic 3D, which allows for more creative exploration in less time.

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