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“Within few years our Accessories Industry will grow more and secure a good position in terms of the backward linkage industry” – Kazi Fahad, Managing Director of Kazi Printing and Accessories ltd

Kazi Printing & Accessories is one of the leading companies in the accessories manufacturer of Bangladesh which focuses on continuous improvement in all quality-related activities and seeks to prevent errors and kazi eliminates the root cause of problems. Quality products, Eco-friendly sustainable products, Creativity and innovation, Proven ability inthe successful execution of small as well as bulk orders, Timely deliveries, Competitive prices, Customer-focused approach, Unending pursuit of product, process and performance optimization are Kazi Printing’s specialties.

Kazi Fahad is the Managing Director of Kazi Printing and Accessories LTD. He was born In1986 & complete his masters from North South University.

Being a sports fanatic from a very early age, he mastered the art of inspiring everyone with his impeccable leadership. Kazi Fahad’s hard work, dedication charisma, humbleness and true passion for his business has helped his reputation as an qualified businessman in the market. He’s always driven by his youthful enthusiasm and wistful vision with a mindset of equality, working for a good change in the society.

On the other hand his other company Nash Communication & Corporate Box deals with the 360 degree digital communications solutions of different companies which also add up a value that he believes in not only traditional business but also in creative and modern day business.

“Within few years our Accessories Industry will grow more and secure a good position in terms of the backward linkage industry” - Kazi Fahad, Managing Director of Kazi Printing and Accessories ltd
Kazi Fahad, Managing Director of Kazi Printing and Accessories ltd

Recently Team Denim Focus talked with Mr Kazi Fahad about the accessories industry situation, challenges and growth. The conversation is drafted below for our readers-

Denim Focus: How are you observing the overall Backward linkage industry during the pandemic?

Kazi Fahad: I think, till now, compared to other competitor countries, Bangladesh is doing well in Backward linkage. As we are the second largest exporter, we already have a good volume of orders, during the pandemic we are also getting more orders from, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, India. I predict, within 2 years we will grow more and secure a good position in terms of the backward linkage industry.

Denim Focus: What types of challenges do you face?

Kazi Fahad: As an accessories supplier, our main challenge is the smooth supply chain. We frequently face port and customs-related complexity.  We also face some challenges in Back to Back L/C, when we work with garments. We also face contradictory with EPZ factories for exp. Careless attitude by garments owners is another area to be addressed. However, the industry is developing so fast, our commerce ministry is relentlessly working for the smoothness in the land port as well as Chittagong port. If we can change before mention concept, our accessories industry can support better for the growth of our RMG sector.

Denim Focus: How are you contributing to the RMG sector?

Kazi Fahad: We are very closely working with European Buyers. According to their requirement, we are sourcing the same quality raw material and producing the same required product maintaining their price. So that Our RMG industry doesn’t lose the order. This is how we are supporting the industry with fast supply. We are also working for ensuring sustainability. We care about the earth, the environment, and workers.

Denim Focus: What is Your Product Line In KAZI PRINTING & ACCESSORIES LTD?

Ø  Offset Printing Unit: Hang Tag, Price-tag, Joker Tag, Photo Inlay, Banderole, Photo Box, Printed Adhesive Sticker, Back Board, Neck Board, Collar Insert, Cascade, etc.

Ø  Woven Labels Unit: All kinds of woven Main Labels, size labels, Fit Labels, Tape, Flag Labels, etc.

Ø  Printed Labels Unit: Printed Care/Data Variable Labels (Paper & Satin), Printed Cotton Labels, Printed Satin Labels, etc.

Ø  Heat Seal Print Unit: All kinds of Heat Seal Transfer Print/Labels, etc.

Ø  Leather Patch Unit: All types of PU & Leather Patch, and

Ø  Poly Unit: All types of LDPP/LDPE/LLDPE Poly Bag (Plain, Printed, Adhesive).

Denim Focus: What is your future plan?

Kazi Fahad: Right now we are more focused on ensuring sustainable products. We are planning how we can make a ready sustainable production setup by minimizing the cost.  Another most important area we are focusing on is to reuse wastes, we are trying to produce the sustainable product in our factory by using the wastes we are creating.  We also have a plan to display all those products to buyers so that they can have options to be more sustainable.

Denim Focus: As a Board Member of BAYLA, how do you want to contribute to this sector?

Kazi Fahad: The circumference of BAYLA is pretty large. We aligned the second generation who are in decision level and from every sector like, weaving, knitting, garments, textiles, machines, accessories, etc. On this board, I am responsible for maintaining social issues. We are working on Covid issues by sharing information with workers through the admin division of every factory. We are also providing medical kits, sending SMS to create awareness about dengue fever.

BAYLA is basically working for the branding ofthe Bangladesh RMG sector by researchingthe latest technology, machine productivity, sustainable measures, product diversification so that factory persons can have all information to make the right decision. We are passing all the information to BGMEA and closely working under their roof.

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