“We need to build more and more fabric manufacturing plants and also we need to focus on denim fairs nationally and internationally” – Sohel Arman, Founder and CEO, Smart Merchandisers Forum


Team denim Focus had a recent courtesy talk with Sohel Arman, Founder and CEO, Smart merchandisers Forum which is a Garment and textile-based merchandisers’ platform of Bangladesh, about his view of our denim industry and the prospect of our upcoming denim magazine. For our readers, here the conversation is depicted below.

Denim Focus: How do you see the denim industry of Bangladesh?

Sohel Arman: it’s true that Denim is a great opportunity for Bangladesh. But we also have a huge challenge ahead for the development of it in this country. If we can overcome all issues, we can build a large denim market in Bangladesh. 

Denim Focus: How can we develop more in this industry?

Sohel Arman: We have to arrange enough Manpower, workers should be given the proper guidelines and training about denim fabric, washing. We need to build more and more fabric manufacturing plants and also we need to focus on denim fairs nationally and internationally. 

Denim Focus: What are the strengths and weaknesses of this industry?

Sohel Arman: Already we created a minimum denim market in our country besides Turkey and another market. So we can say easily it’s our strength and about weakness we have no enough wash facilities, wash technical person, lack of sufficient knowledge. Our maximum factory owners are giving Focus on none denim garments and they want to habituate to continue with non-wash and Normal wash garments due to we are on the back about denim.

Denim Focus: Any message for Denim Focus magazine as it is the 1st international English magazine from Bangladesh for Denim & Jeans industry?

Sohel Arman: Yes, it’s good news for the Garments industry that we have a platform to share our opinion somewhere that is Denim Focus Magazine. We can share our activities and opinion here and any good news is published it will affect positively the international denim market. 

At last, I can say best wishes for Denim Focus Magazine.

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