We developed Kemzymes asking ourselves how they would be used day-to-day in Bangladesh laundries

Kimberly Nelson, President, Garmon Chemicals- Kemin Group

Kemin Textiles Auxiliaries, through the brand Garmon Chemicals, is a leader in the R&D and marketing of total chemical solutions, innovation and creativity for the denim and apparel industry. The company is internationally recognized as symbol of pioneering evolution in the name of a better tomorrow. Kemin Industries, a global ingredient manufacturer that strives to sustainably transform the quality of life every day for 80 percent of the world with its products and services, announced that Garmon Chemicals (Garmon), the Kemin Textile Auxiliaries business unit, has launched Kemzymes, a new range of enzymes developed specifically for garment washing, to become the first textile chemical company to produce its own enzymes. Recently Textile Focus editor M A Islam Riyadh talked with Kimberly Nelson regarding their latest innovation and products specially “Kemzymes”. Key points of the discussion are mentioned here for our readers-

Q: You recently launched “Kemzymes”, what is so unique about it?

Kimberly: For us, Kemzymes are the change that changes everything – and we truly believe it. We have decades of experience in the denim washing industry, and we know the routine of chemical formulators like us. The same few enzymes are the base for a majority of products in the market, meaning the differences between them are all minimal. When creating Kemzymes, we partnered with our group’s head scientists at Kemin Industries to design brand new enzymes specifically for our industry. We know the performance our customers require, and we are now able to give them the products they deserve.

Q: How can the denim washing industry benefit using “Kemzymes”?

Kimberly: Kemzymes address the needs of the denim washing industry because they offer an unparalleled combination of sustainability, performance and cost competitiveness. The first Kemzymes introduced are products for stone washing: Kemzymes KS, which can replace pumice stones, and Kemzymes K, which have a superb quality to price ratio. I would like to focus on the performance side: one of the major differences between Kemzymes for stone washing and the competition is the abrasion performance. Kemzymes are strong – very strong – and they have a performance that grows exponentially with temperature. In this way, Kemzymes answer to both the needs of the more environmental-conscious laundries that wash only at 30° C and to the customers very focused on efficiency, who want to reduce treatment times by increasing temperature.

Q: What is the feedback you are getting from the industry?

Kimberly: Kemzymes were introduced just a month ago, but the feedback we have received already is exceptional! Customers have been amazed to see the strong abrasion performance and are pleased with the price point. We feel very satisfied that after over two years of hard research and development work, our customers are happy and excited about the results. We invite any laundry that hasn’t had the opportunity to test Kemzymes yet to request a product trial. You can get in touch with any of our salespeople, or contact us at garmonchemicals.com.

Q: What about your products on certifications and sustainability issues?

Kimberly: Kemzymes are the result of the science of Kemin Industries and the expertise of Garmon Chemicals combined, and for both companies, sustainability is one of the top priorities in the development of new products. Kemzymes start working from 30° C, allowing for cold processing. Additionally, the strength of the most concentrated Kemzymes can reduce treatment times, and therefore energy. In this way, Kemzymes are a great help to laundries that want to wash garments in a sustainable way. All Kemzymes are already included in ZDHC at Level 1 and will soon be added to Level 3 via Bluesign, as Garmon Chemicals is a Bluesign system partner.

Kemzymes were introduced just a month ago, but the feedback we have received already is exceptional! Customers have been amazed to see the strong abrasion performance and are pleased with the price point.

Q: How is your company considering the Bangladesh market and your observations about this market? 

Kimberly: As it has been for many years, Bangladesh is one of our most important markets. The relationships we have built with customers over the years has led us to consider these companies partners and friends. In fact, when developing Kemzymes we frequently asked ourselves how they would be used day-to-day in Bangladesh laundries. Two of the most requested requirements we receive for stone washing enzymes is to replace pumice stones and improve processes. We kept this feedback top of mind and developed Kemzymes KS and K specifically to meet these needs, knowing that our products need to be the solution for Bangladesh denim laundries in 2021.

Q: Any special message if you want to convey to our readers and textile industry of Bangladesh?

Kimberly: The textile industry of Bangladesh, as all of us, has been hit hard by the pandemic for over a year now. Fortunately, we see the resilience in our Bangladesh customers and partners. Outstanding producers, both in terms of numbers and in terms of quality, who have doubled down during the pandemic to further invest in this sector. This means Bangladesh has a long-term mindset and the capacity to react an adverse situation with a positive approach. These are exactly the things that a market leader is supposed to do, setting the standards for how companies should work in our industry. Garmon Chemicals is proud to work with companies like this, as we work to set the standard even higher together, using innovations like Kemzymes.

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