Von Dutch Paris Introduced Luxury Limited Italian Denim Collection


Von Dutch Paris has recently introduced the limited Italian Denim collection newly released luxe line which is made in Italy, using only Italian Denim with the rarest and most unique washes. Additionally, each piece from the line has a hand written number, represented out of 300 total in the style.

this Throwback Denim Jeans (for women) come in two colorways of baby pink and white while the Dutch Boy and Scotty Jeans (for men) are featured in green, rust orange, and classic denim options. Adding refined elements of streetwear to their denim, each piece features the iconic Von Dutch logo stamped in various areas. Additionally, these high-end jeans are available in both men and women’s sizing,

Von Dutch Paris blows up the fashion scene with designs that reintroduce their high-end accessories of bowling bags and trucker hats while their latest denim collection fuses luxury with street culture. Couture crafted and thoughtfully designed, Von Dutch Paris continues to prove their innovative vision while quickly approaching the forefront of the fashion industry.

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