PVH Europe Signed Dutch Denim Agreement


PVH Europe has signed the Dutch Denim Deal, a new industry partnership and sustainable denim project. Created by the Dutch government in response to the EU Green Deal and Circular Action Plan, Dutch Denim Deal is a public-private partnership that seeks to increase the supply of and usage of high-quality recycled cotton fibers in denim.

Along with 38 other members, PVH Europe will serve as the steering group to promote denim industry sustainability. The primary goals are to create a total of 3 million pieces incorporating (at least 20%) post-consumer recycled cotton (POCR) by the end of 2023.

The Denim Deal involves all stakeholders involved in the creation and production of a denim garment. PVH Europe will assist in the exchange of knowledge and expertise in recycled cotton, as well as the use of brand power to scale the impact of the agreement and boost the supply of recycled cotton from the Netherlands

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