Unspun Denim Launched Sustainable Jeans – Genesis


Unspun, the 3D body scan jeans company has launched Genesis, its most sustainable pair of jeans yet. Developed as part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Jeans Redesign program, the jeans are created by combining the unspun company’s inventory-free systems of production with pioneering globally available best-in-class materials like Resortecs® smart stitch threads (which can be heated and dissolved to make recycling more feasible). Powered by Eon’s Internet of Things platform for connected products, a scannable QR code integrated into each pair of Genesis jeans makes it possible to track the origins and record the life of the garment, ensuring the product and its materials can be identified and authenticated for resale and recycling from one life cycle to the next. The QR code also creates an opportunity to engage with and support customers by delivering information about product care, resale, and recycling. Each product is digitized in alignment with Eon’s CircularID™ Protocol, ensuring the product carries all the information essential to inform resale (i.e. product name, original price, etc,)  and recycling (i.e, material content, chemicals, etc).

“At unspun, technology is part of our DNA. From the mobile phone scanning technology that enables us to make custom-fitted jeans unique to each customer to the high tech Resortecs smart stitch threads that facilitate the circular capacity of our new Genesis jeans, we intentionally design in materials and systems that ensure our jeans are better fittings, better looking and simply better because they are sustainable. With the launch of our Genesis jeans featuring a scannable CircularID™ data powered by the Eon connected products platform, we are thrilled to establish a new model for circular denim. We hope Genesis serves as a showcase for how all players across the supply chain can work together to bring more sustainable product to market, advancing the fashion industry further towards the goal of a fully circular model that operates in harmony with our planet,” said Annika Visser, unspun Operations Lead.

The new Genesis jeans are a powerful demonstration of how the capacity of innovative systems design, leading-edge materials, and emerging technology can be harnessed to create garments that not only advance reductions in water, energy pollution, and waste but also enable the tracking, identification, and channeling of garments around the circular supply chain in a continuous lifecycle.

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