Denim Industry’s Attention on Hyosung’s Creora® Regen Spandex


Hyosung’s GRS-certified, 100% Recycled Creora Regen Spandex has caught the attention of Tejidos Royo, a leading denim innovator and manufacturer committed to sustainability. Denim made with 3D Max creora spandex eliminates the need for stretch polyester and the fabric can be treated for environmentally friendly laser washing to create distressed looks.

With sustainability, traceability and transparency at the top of the denim industry’s agenda, mills and brands are seeking fiber technology solutions to help them create the most responsibly made, eco-friendly denim products. Among its sustainable fiber solutions, Hyosung will highlight its GRS-certified, 100-percent recycled creora® regen spandex made from reclaimed waste, which has been in demand since its launch in 2020.

“Because we make our creora regen spandex from 100-percent reclaimed waste, we are helping our customers make a fully sustainable denim product,” said Mike Simko, Hyosung Global marketing director-Textiles.

“What is really exciting for us in working with Hyosung is that they have the textile solution that will allow us to make denim fabric made from 100-percent recycled content,” said Jóse R. Royo, sales director, Tejidos Royo.

Hyosung will also share developments with its 3D Max creora spandex, which allows denim products to have dual performance features — ultra-stretch and excellent recovery that lasts over time.