Trützschler Celebrates 20 years of success in China


2021 marks the 20-year anniversary of Trützschler’s first subsidiary in China, the world’s largest textile market. For two decades, our colleagues at the 42,500-square-meter facility in Qingpu, near Shanghai, have been building customer relationships – and building business success for Trützschler Textile Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. It’s a story of great people, amazing innovations and outstanding service. And we’ve got big plans for the years ahead…

Today, Trützschler has a strong presence in China.  By founding Trützchler Textile Machinery Shanghai (TTMS) in 2001, they committed to their customers in this country and began developing next-generation machines that could meet their shifting requirements. The TC 05, which was launched in 2008, in particularly, was an incredibly popular innovation that opened up the Chinese market for Trützschler. It was followed by further successful models like the TC 8 and TC 10 up to our latest card generation, the 1.28-meter-wide TC 15, which already set new benchmarks.

Harald Schoepp has first-hand experience of our company’s progress in China. He is General Manager of Trützschler Textile Machinery China, and has worked for Trützschler Group for more than 40 years. “When I came to China in 2003, I faced the same challenges in my own life that Trützschler faced in this market,” he said. “We didn’t know enough about the Chinese culture and the textile market here. That’s why we were so lucky that our Chinese colleagues helped us to understand the way of doing business in China and supported our efforts to adapt our products and strategies for this unique market.”

Trützschler’s achievements in China are a direct result of our unwavering commitment to dedicated and expert customer service. “Our Sales team wins us the first order from a new customer, and the outstanding performance of our machines wins their respect. However, our success in China is built on strong and long-lasting relationships with our customers. Those relationships exist because we provide outstanding after-sales service – it makes sure equipment provides our customers with reliable and value-adding performance for a very long time.”, says Chen Jie, Spinning Machine Sales Manager for TTMS. He joined TTMS in 2001 and meanwhile looks back on ten years of professional experience in service as well as another ten years in sales. “Trützschler is a family business and it feels like a big family – among our customers, as well as our team. My work makes me realize that our great reputation in China is also generated by the close cooperation between all our departments working hand in hand every day.”