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Transformers Foundation Announces Collaboration with Industry Trade Show Bluezone Munich

Transformers Foundation Announces Collaboration with Industry Trade Show Bluezone MunichThe Transformers Foundation is pleased to announce its partnership with Bluezone, the prestigious International Denim Trade Show in Munich. As long-time industry partners, the two are now able to collaborate on something extraordinary.

The Foundation was invited and accepted to participate in the Bluezone seminar series on August 30th and 31st in the main lecture centre at Keyhouse to present two information sessions on sustainability in our beloved denim industry. With a core pillar of Transformers Foundation being open education, this was a no-brainer partnership.

“Collaboration in our industry is long overdue. As Founder of the Kingpins Show and the Transformers Foundation, I am extremely proud that Bluezone has extended this invitation to Transformers, and I love the opportunity to work on this together for the greater good of the industry,” says Andrew Olah. “The more our industry collaborates, the more we can bring sustainable change to the denim industry.”

On August 30th, presentations and discussions will revolve around the topic of energy. As we put all of our efforts into decarbonizing the industry, this timely topic will equip you with the tools to reduce your impact while providing networking opportunities for strategic partnerships.

The theme of day two, August 31st, is Innovation. With an over-saturation of marketing concepts promoting new developments as the latest and greatest, we will provide you with a vetted round-up of the truest innovations on the market and your chance to meet the people behind them.

“We are super excited and feel very honored to host the Transformers Foundation in Munich as real partners,” adds Sebastian Klinder. “Education and collaboration are the driving forces that shape our industry. We see a huge potential and opportunity in this unexpected alliance and take the chance to prove what we can achieve with collaboration in these current times.”

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