“To continue with our Textile, Apparel and Denim Industry growth and manage our environment in a meaningful way we have to focus on sustainable development” Ananta Ahmed, Managing Director 360 Total Solution Limited.


Bangladesh has the highest number of green Garment factories all over the world. Many leaders are continuously supporting our industry to become green. Ananta Ahmed is a pioneer in Green Building Consultancy in Bangladesh and providing full range of consultancy services to 55+ companies with 137+ projects with 18+ Million Sft. Ananta Ahmed is USGBC Faculty (1st in Bangladesh), LEED AP BD + C, LEED AP EB O + M & LEED AP ID + C (Professional credential given by U S Green Building Council) and he was LEED Green Associate (1st in Bangladesh) since 2011 and he is the only professional in Bangladesh with 3 (Three) USGBC credentials. He is also the Managing director of 360 Total Solution Ltd.

Ananta Ahmed recently shared his view of Textile Industry growth towards green project with Bangladeshi Leading Comprehensive Denim and Jeans industry focusing magazine Denim Focus.

Denim Focus; How do you see the overall industry of Bangladesh?

Ananta Ahmed: Bangladesh is an emerging country and private sector-led growth of above 5% for the last two decades has indeed taken the economy to a new trajectory. To support this growth, Bangladesh become an infrastructure hungry country and our manufacturing and construction industry is growing rapidly. Bangladesh has energy and water issues along with land degradation. To continue with our growth and manage our environment in a meaningful way we have to focus on sustainable development.  Sustainability and Green practices are very important for Bangladesh and for its Government, all companies and organizations, all individuals and it is a necessary response to our growth support, energy crisis, water issue and at the same time to global warming and climate change. Realizing the importance, Bangladesh Government attaches due importance on the environment, energy efficiency issues, environmental challenges and renewable energy.

Denim Focus: How many denim factories doing green & achievement certificates & how are you supporting the industry for greenization?

Ananta Ahmed:  According to USGBC, now we have 144 green factories including 125 Textile & RMG sector. We are involved with few denim projects and we support our project with factual information, valuable guidance, face to face consultations, detail analysis, proper monitoring and documentations and efficient submission to USGBC for certifications.

Denim Focus: What is your suggestions for industry go with green & what are the challenges?

Ananta Ahmed: First challenge is knowledge gap. LEED is not just a certification, it should be a management process and require continual progress. Industry owners and leaders should put some time to understand the entire process, why it is important and how it will benefit the projects. When that will happen everyone will go for green. Because it is best decision a business can make. Investment in green is usually returning back by 3 to 5 years which is a very good Rate of return.

Denim Focus:  Any message for Denim Focus magazine as it is the comprehensive international English magazine from Bangladesh for Denim & Jeans industry.

Ananta Ahmed: I am very happy to know, the Denim Focus Magazine is coming and it is very important to bring the information and knowledge to people. I hope this magazine will educate people and reduce the knowledge gap we have in many area of the industry.

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