STELAPOP has produced a series of smart homeware from Old Jeans Partnering with Edwin USA


As part of a pledge to be sustainable & circular, Edwin USA has partnered with STELAPOP (Save Trees * Eliminate Landfill * Protect Our Planet) to create a collection of home decor items created using upcycled denim scraps.

STELAPOP has produced a series of smart homeware devices built from a wood-alternative substance using textile waste gathered from Edwin customers’ old jeans and manufacturing off-cuts. Coasters, serving trays, and tiny storage boxes are part of the limited edition collection, which may be used to clean up any desk or home office setting.

STELAPOP, based in Thailand, repurposes consumer textiles to keep them out of landfills. It disintegrates fabrics into fibers, which are then bound together with natural rubber to create a new material. The material is cut into flat panels that may be utilized in places where wood would normally be used. STELAPOP’s goal is to not just give old textiles a new lease of life, but also to lessen our reliance on wood.

Each 488-foot panel is made up of between 25 and 60 pairs of blue jeans. The panels are then sliced and combined into various home objects for this series. STELAPOP processes a variety of denims, so the goods come with a variety of hues that highlight the original materials. The Tarus and Jet Blacks have a marbled appearance, while the indigo creates the Blue Hulk pattern.

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