Japan Denim is in the mood of expansion their flagship store


Denim maker Japan Denim, based in Onomichi, has established a new 55-square-meter flagship store on the fourth level of Tokyo’s premium retail complex Ginza Six.

The company, which also has an office in Tokyo, is known for displaying supplier information on its website and for attaching labels to its outfits that detail the local firms behind the textiles used, as well as the names of every company involved for dyeing, stitching, and finishing each product.

QR codes that may be scanned to learn more about Japan Denim’s production process are also placed on the labels.

Japan Denim hopes to help energise and stabilize local economies by producing “uncompromising quality” denim in and around what its website describes as a “sacred” denim-producing area, spanning Fukuyama in Hiroshima and neighboring Ibara in Okayama (where the brand claims 80 percent of Japanese denim manufacturing takes place), by factoring social as well as environmental responsibility into its business decisions.

Japan Denim also stated in their statement that it has aligned its own aims (to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by at least 50% throughout its whole supply chain by 2030 and reach net-zero emissions by 2050) with the SDGs.

It has adopted a “eco-dyeing” method, installed solar panels, and shifted to other clean energy sources to meet these aims, as well as committed to treating its effluent in compliance with the Seto Inland Sea water quality rules, among other things, it added.

The firm added that it was trying to increase the potential of sustainable Japanese denim both locally and internationally, referring to its new flagship, which now contains its spring-summer 2022 collection.

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